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Wednesday, June 01, 2016

More on gossip....

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Here's an article found online. I found it encouraging as learned recently gossiping so one can hear it as they want you t here it to be hurtful, is a form of bullying. It is also hate speech. Reflects poorly on gossiper as shows how insecure they are, seeking attention, can only hold a conversation about limited topic. Need to ask again, why directed at one person?

They are living rent-free in your head to point is an obsession. Often person you dislike has no idea you feel this way or has no clue why. Never did anything to them so all can do is keep truckin'.

Here's the link to read more.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Malaysian plane still missing..

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Ann, designer wearing her handmade, green(eco-friendly), recycled, wearable, trash, art, vintage, glass, jewelry, necklace
As we all know, plane went missing several weeks ago. There are many theories out there as to what happened to it. What we do know is that there is no definite evidence linking debris now being found by rescue teams from many different countries via plane and boat, to the missing plane, although some of the pieces are certainly large enough to be say a wing.  Some think it was hijacked, others think sabatoge, or mechanical failure causing a drop in air pressure making all aboard go to sleep and then plane flew itself til ran out of fuel and crashed. The last scenario is the most likely one.

What do you think happened? Regardless, is very sad and our hearts go out to the survivors, families, friends of the victims.  + update on missing plane: heard pings under water from possibly black box. Sub now helping in search. Trying to pinpoint sounds with hydrophones too. Search field is lessening now to size of S. Carolina. better.)

Also prayers to all effected by mud slide in W.A. Many dead, missing there too.

Also concern for Ukraine, Russia situation. Hope some peace can be reached so we get on better terms with Russia.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Pix of some jewelry made

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How bout listening to Darius Tucker's 'Wagon Wheel'?
from my mini laptop camera.
click pic above for video with music from show on A & E,'Crazy Hearts Nashville'. like lee's voice and look.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Is 50 the new 30?

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 'Morgan' twenty five and young.

With movie stars, celebrities like Marie Osmond , who promotes a weight loss program,  along with Jessica Simpson(know she's not old but was fat), looking totally fab after 50(Helen Mirren looks great after 60 in bikini),tina turner looks fab at 70ish,
Sharon Stone     has joined the band wagon of looking great at 50 something. She has an interview on the new OWN network with Oprah(along with notorious Lindsay Lohan) where she talks about growing old gracefiully. 

youth glorified and yes this show and these people prove it along with wealth,money is wasted on them!
Even Shirley McClain who is Warren Beatty's sister(married to Annete Benning) is having a career resurgence, comeback with being on Downton Abbey and now upcoming OWN interview. She looks great too at 70ish.
Morgan Stewart,socialite from 'RKOBH, rich kids of Beverly hills.
                                                            Morgan with her friend who's very rich or at least her family is.
looks great in 'Maxim' magazine. Any relation to Rod Stewart?
 me. just out of bed in morning. gonna be 52 in April of this year. how am I holding up?

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Is important to hydrate your face to stay young looking..

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Getting wrinkles around eyes, cheeks so got some facial day,night and eye creams.  got oil of olay and cvs creams. Saved on them as was buy one get 1 half off. Used store $3. coupon too so all good. Is really good to pay extra attention to face in winter but again summer too as in winter winds and cold dry it and in summer sun can put a strain on face too so good to have sun screen in cream. Can click link to read reviews of skin care lines for anti-aging facial creams. Alpha hydroxyl creams and facial scrubs are good too as exfoliate dead skin layer for brighter,smoother skin. Cream is hypoallergenic, good for thee skin, the biggest organ of your body. Is paraben-free,health, ok for your health.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

get fit with toned up...

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been watching the show weekly  bravo and these ladies are inspiring and attractive. turns out have a web site that I joined and  get daily emails,vieoos,literature to read,can connect with other members tweeting and on instagram. fun. have found best way to lose weight is to do it with a buddy. now have 2 and mor. join now. read more. 1 hour special on tonight. video  here.

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Ruby update

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happy to see  she is getting back on track with her weight loss,health and life after some setbacks like admitted binge eating,cheating on show,cancellation of said show,deaths of her pets,brother. Today she's back with trainer and working hard to achieve her new goal weight of 250 lbs. read old post on Ruby here.

Post by Ruby Gettinger. on facebook..

Ruby photos now here.
such a pretty face and spirit!
Now will be watching new show on TLC on Tuesdays about 600 lb. people and their roads after gastric bypass surgery for self,kids or they'll die. Should be inspiring.

I myself lost about 100 lbs. back in 2008 by juicing, watching what ate, walking, biking. Have more on this under 'juicing', weight loss, colon cleanse if go to top of page and enter these words into search. Yes I juiced for a bit regularly. juicing is a great way to lose the weight and get healthier. I was depressed and had reached 245 lbs. the most was ever in my life. Now about 170 which is bad but atleast keeping most of it off. I gained the weight back by not consistently juicing which changes your taste buds so don't crave sugar or salt and lose. It also is a natural cleanse so get rid of toxins. Feel great too.  I also gained because went off psychotrophic meds like Depakote was on to stabilize mood swings from Bipolar illness diagnosed with. Depakote used to upset my stomach and made me have loose stools which caused weight loss. Despite being heavier, I think I am healthier off these strong meds.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Mucous from my congested sinuses is making me nauseus....

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like get with migraines.. ugh.  here's a link found on how to relieve congestion and nausea if have it like me from post nasal drip. Sinus pressure is making me gag too. Is awful. I use neti pot to rinse my sinuses with salt water but just keeps returning,the mucous that is. It gets packed in my nose so bad that even when I blow it doesn't leave. Here's a song to the dreaded mucous..'let it go' with demi lavoto from thee hit movie 'frozen'.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

An encouraging word..

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here.  Joel Osteen is very encouraging for all.  Attractive,good speaker and funny.

Here's another in Charles Stanley. Speaking on God as the best remedy for stress,not alcohol or drugs!

Don't forget Joyce Meyer.  She's another great preacher.  Felt it was fitting it being sunday and all.

do you see the light in each of them? Is soo true that beauty is just skin deep and ugly is to the bone.  What you are about makes you pretty.  These three,while successful and making a lot of money in the world, aren't of it and still are obeying the Lord.  His beauty shows in their faces.

They give me such great encouragement and are full of wisdom. This is something we all need in these trying days ahead.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Have had very bad pain in right hand and shoulder...

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for a couple of days now. May be hand and shoulder syndrome, nerve damage from past injuries ,arthritis, dunno. See dr. Thursday at local clinic for free. Anyone know what this may be? Email me,thanks.


Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Nasal button being put in..

Spam deleted.

to fill hole in my septum in two weeks as having alot of trouble breathing due to mucous and congestion from it,ugh. Is an in office procedure and then can go home apparently.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Razor burn with heat rash..

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can really be painful and kill your summer! Yeh, it's been brutal hot,in the 90's lately on east coast,upstate NY,lately so sweating a lot and razor burn not healing under arms. Also was wearing new sports bras bought that cover part of arm pit, not allowing it to breathe even though nylon cotton blend. Best to not wear in ot weather when not exercising. Kind of like walking around in wet bikini all day!Now pharmacist tells me is yeast infection! Ugh , is all can say. She recommended a fungal ointment,generic brand of Lotriman. Dog just got over yeast infection of ears and now my turn.

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

We all have heard of the benefits of eating garlic..

No spamming as deleted. Thanks!  Here's to your health!

and fighting bacterial infection just like echinacea in say a tea from cone flower plant helps boost immune system and lessens depression. ANything can do naturally beats taking pills and the side effects from them. Have a good friend whose hands shake from psych meds take like stelazine.

Anyway,have linked increased doses of garlic to fighting tumors,shrinking them and fighting cancer. Read more here.

Oranges are good to boost mood,eaten and smelled,broccoli helps brain function,onions fight viruses,yogurt is good against yeast infections and in vagina helps the itching associated with..lemons are natural astringents. Apples help stomach against acids and heart burn,tomatoes are antioxidants along with blueberries..uh. Eating leafy veggies are good against depression,fish and oil good for joints and against cancer.

Friday, June 21, 2013

A natural way to lose the wrinkles is..

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using your own blood or rather plasma and injecting that into. Prevents infections that may develop from body rejecting typical chemicals like Restylyn and Juvederm into face,ugh. Read more and watch video here.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

No, I don't NEED Medication!

Spam,self promotion like links to your web sites deleted. Thanks!

Best friend said I need to be on psychotrophic drugs or can't live together. Best don't live together as too close for comfort and we have too many pets together. Letr there be space in our togetherness. We chat on phone daily and visit monthly so is enough. We save nothing shacking up too as both have housing subsidies so pay a third of rent,about 725 total.

As for the medicine, he needs to keep focus on self,not me as am ok off it. Don't like the side effects either. If have bipolar or are borderline,have a head injury or whatever,maybe au naturalle is for you too. See link here for alternative remedies to help your psyche.

I see new psychologist today. Last one was ok with me off drugs. My doctor's opinion counts most. What you think?


Monday, May 20, 2013

Foods good to eat against arthritis are..

No spam,links to your web page with dumb comments about my blog you don't read. Thanks!

Read by clicking link here.

Friday, April 12, 2013

How to relieve sinus congestion..

No spam please. Thanks! If are anything like me, you are plagued with sinus problems also known as sinusitis,an infection which congests sinuses making it hard to breathe. I have mentioned this before and currently use a netipot,an occasional decongestant pill or nose spray to no relief except temporary. Here are some FREE tips, including an explanation of what causes sinusitis. More info free here!

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Rodent droppings on my kitchen..

No spam,please. Thanks! on my counter tops,in sink,on stove,in dish wrack,in kitchen drawers. So bad don't even cook and just use microwave,ugh. Is really unhealthy to breathe in therir droppings. Was showing as evidence to agencies but wiped off counters today and just kept in spot in drawer so not breathing it in anymore. Read more on harmful effects of their feces if breathed in,etc.and how to clean up after these varments properly here.

Friday, December 07, 2012

Hydrofracking is unhealthy for you..

no spam. Thanks! read more here. Approve it if you wnt your wells polluted and drinking water that is brown and can be lit by a lighter!

Have Poison Ivy again..

Spam deleted. 

I get it yearly this time of year as my pets roll in it and it's around the property where I live as I border the woods where it grows rampant. I ha ve a bad case of it this year that won't go away. had on arms,etc. but now is on my face and other places sun doesn't shine on which is very uncomfortable. Saw doctor today who gave me some meds so should help with the itch. Am taking benadryl orally and topically too. So how about you,do you get or  have it?

this is an old post from the summer.

Raise Mental Health Awareness Today (May=Mental Health Month)

Raise Mental Health Awareness Today (May=Mental Health Month)
Why are there no runs for Mental Health?!


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