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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Gentrification of Cohoes

spam deleted. Thanks! 'here's to your health!' If poor for whatever reason, we are relegated to living in scrappy neighborhood.  Cohoes is trying to white wash it',s image and city scale on upper Remsen and surrounding area.  by water are river view pricey apartments.
More and more are finding rising rents. I just looked into a place that refused me as have a service dog! I also saw a listing on Craigslist, no social security!

I live next door to a horrid woman who rents room to people and adopts animals without asking landlord permission. She also doesn't spay them!

 She has two dogs, 7 catss and 4 people and 2 children ages 2 and 5 months in 2 bed room. She leaves dogs in cages. Hardly let's out. Wonder where she lived before that she thinks this is ok. Landlord does nothing. I feel like calling animal contro?l lt Would rock the boat as live here.

Have to do something as cruel.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Am in art show this week at Empire State Plaza

spam deleted. Thanks! 'here's to your health!'

Is through BIANYS, brain injury association of NY state. As may know from past post, I was in two car accidents where my head hit the windshield.

I suffer from post concussion trauma as a result which involves several symptoms. I choose not to speak on that too much and just be judged by my art, jewelry make and writing as opposed to my handicaps.

It has strongly impacted my life for sure as have memory, concentration, fatigue, mood, anger, social issues. Have experienced much stigma living in Cohoes sadly.

Get negative comments in ear shot as pass. Interesting in a city full of drunks,drug addicts, convicts, gossips downtown, such attention is directed by way.

i keep to self by choice as prefer over alternative. Would be nice if felt some support instead of isolation and snubbing from mean, ignorant people here.

i l ive here and am part of the people with disabilities here. 

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

My convict neighbor gone.

spam deleted. Thanks! 'here's to your health!' Arrested. Unfortunately his expro druggie girl friend still here. she does is run her gossipy big fat mouth. Typical downtown Cohoes. Land lord let's anyone in here. Absentee landlord. Has super here. Does little. Had to put up with he two of them calling me stupid, mental. If dislike. me, stay away.Police called by me and her, licenses looked at, their records, charges came up. Turned out he was wanted. See police record here

Saturday, February 17, 2018

High School Shooting Shows Need for More Mental Health Funding

spam deleted. Thanks! 'here's to your health!' Many are portraying this 19 year old troubled man as a criminal. Upon greater scrutinization we see he was in fact a developmentally challenged person with depression. As found in countless mass shootings prior to this such as Columbine and Florida Tech, the shooter was a student or former one with a mental illness. May say how can this happen and why? Hat they need to ask is why more shootings haven't occurred? This society turns a blind eye to the many among uscw ith one. Myself included There is little funding for mental health and resources out there are flawed. I am without family as disowned and friendless too. My service dog is my companion. I am not violent but have been a victim on several occasions. I sustained a head injury from two car accidents. I have some cognitive problems such as with memory and do things slowly. It is hard living in a fast-paced society like this. For this reason I don't work full time but per diem. I give myself plenty of down time, listen to Christian music, attend support grouups on phone, see therapist, doctor for medicine. I experience stigma where I live where I have been called stupid, and crazy by mean, ignorant here. Mine is a lonely life. Keep to self.I have yet to get beyond this but live with it.People in the mainstream need to be more sesitive to those afflicted like myself rather than dismissing us. Everyone has talent. For me, I think I am a good writer. I am not ashamed of what has happened to me. I just wish others could see my gifts besides weaknesses! I believe everyone with a mental health issue needs a case manager who visits the home. Getting a cup of Jo, taking a walk would be more effective than endless counseling sessions with a lonely, depressed individual. I know as am one. Many of us are not fortunate as you as lack community support. As for working, people with depression, anxiety can work but less hours, less stressful jobs,have time outs, work for companies who have hired disabled before, have staff sympathetic to this. Hiring disabled as volunteers. with support is another option to get us out of shadows of our homes into the light of day. Currently I don't as am expected to act like norm or get laughed at, talked of until leave. What is needed is small successes instead of contless social failures, rejection. Perhaps then, there would be a change in this country. We need to deal with people with this humanely as a people and not with callousness show each other. We have become a me, tech, quick, isolated, lonely people. More and more have anxiety, depression, especially elderly as have noone who cares. While they don't pick up guns and kill others, more needs to be done to avoid this. There were signs he was in trouble. They were ignored with indifference as not our problem. The reality is this is everyone's issue.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Apple Cider Vinegar Helping Me Feel Better and Lose Weight

spam deleted. Thanks 'here's to your health!' Am using Bragg's. brand of vinegar. The vinegar helps me get and feel, be better. I add several drops to my juice and drink it. It has helped me lose 25 pounds over a few weeks too. I was 215 pounds. Now 190.It acts as an appetite suppressant. It also changes taste buds so don't crave sweets which body can't metabolize. So it helps against cancer too by restoring healthy red blood cells and getting rid of unhealthy white blood cells. Apple cidar vinegar also revitalizes the body so helps against fatigue. I live with depression and that is part of it. Feel down and want to do nothing! I have to push myself to do a couple ofthigs daily but not over do get stressed. Then U feel better. I also gargle with it. I use it as a dental rinse too. I add a a few drops to my netipot when I rinse my sinuses as I suffer from sinusitis. I also pour some vinegar on a face cloth rinsed in hot water. I then add it as a compress over my face. I also pat it down. It helps my arthritis in spine, knee and ankle. Injured all 3. Again I add compresses. Good if apply over body as the biggest organ in body.Great detox naturally. I had upset stomach,diarrhea. Drank juice with selzer and apple cider vinegar and it cleared up quick.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

When seeing a therapist is not enough if have mental illness

spam deleted. Thanks! 'here's to your health!' I live with anxiety, depression, fear and anger.I also have chronic pain from a spinal injury. Thankfully I have a dog as a companion. However she is the only one I can trust. It does get lonely. Meeting and being around others is hard as most of them are happier than me. I can't relate to them and visa versa. Lately I have had to push myself to so things as am sad. I was in two car accidents too and have a head injury. This causes memory and concentration problems too. On the up side, I am self sufficient. Mostly I listen to Christian music as it is calming. I also do mindfulness coloring, play chess online, watch TV once in awhile, have plants,write,attend support groups on phone, walk my dog, care for her, pray,eat tastey meals, as just got pizza tonight. The trick is to do something if down, not waddle in self pity, to feel better. As per Recovery Inc., support group, 'move a muscle and change a thought', 'resoluteness of the muscles overcomes the self defeatist babble of the brain'. This group is based on book Mental Health Through Mental Will Training written by Dr. Abraham Low, for his patients. Another group is Emotions Anonymous, based on 12 steps. Say powerless over emotions. Faith based teaching for symptoms is helpful too. Example: replace fear with faith, sadness with 'joy comes in the morning', 'don't let the sun go down on your anger', 'be anxious for nothing.'. DBT skills such as mindfulness, distress tolerance with meditation, taking a vacation if overstressed like going to sleep. Cognitive skills is another. Replace negative insecure frightened thoughts that cause negative emotions, with secure positive ones. If use some or all of these daily, you will feel better. It is a choice. Through action, even if don't want to, you feel better. Do the thing you hate or fear and gain the most confidence, comfort comes by bearing discomfort, showing can do it. We are sensitive so we Need to be less so and not let the outside environs effect our inner. People can be rude. We Need to let them go or are tossed about like fish in a tide. It is important to protect yourself. Try to get with supportive, kind people. Don't reveal yourself too soon until know is safe. Some will never understand or even try Like to call us crazy, stupid. Mean. Distance self.Stigma is out there. Why I don't work regular job. Write for money and do vending sometimes. Something. I would like to get together with others for lunch, coffee in Capital area, NY so not so alone. Get back to me if interested. Also comment here if can relate to topic. Thanks.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Poshmark sux

spam deleted. Thanks! 'here's to your health!' jpoIned yet another online web site where you can sell your gently used goods, namely designer. their motto is designer goods for less. is how draw buyers. sellers are drawn in like moths to the flame by greed and a chance at making money off the books. I put alot of time for a week when joined listing alot of great items in very good shape. I listed them low as alot of people on there r competing for a sale. Notice ones who sell have slashed their prices so getting something for what don't use, want, can't return as opposed to donating, tossing or selling at yard sale. many buyers try to haggle new items in mint condition that i bought at outlet to resell for slight profit. they ask stupid questions to waste your time like are they stained? is it all 10 new with tags coach wristlets selling retail for $81 each, for 50?! uh no..dimwit. is for one as poshmark takes 10. i get 40, paid 23. am returning bags AS CAN'T SELL. NICE IDEA BUT...i THOUGHT NOT EVERYONE GETS TO OUTLETS BUT LIKES BARGAINS. aRE NICE BAGS. THEY DON'T WANT TO PAY EVEN 30 FOR ONE. REALITY: THEY CAN ONLY AFFORD A USED ONE FOR 10 THAT WAS RUN OVER BY A MACK TRUCK. WASTED MY TIME ON THIS APP WHICH SHUTS DOWN CONSTANTLY. Also some sellers sell crap, aka not as described goods. When got, were faded and shrunk. poshmark would not accept returns for two orders from lying sellers, desperate for money. said i should have asked about measurements of items against own. who does that? either they are written down already or when says 2x is. went through same nonscense on zulilly who sells clothes from China that run small. didn't accept returns for cash but store credit when all they sell is cheaply made goods. still haven't used credit gave me instead of crediting back my paypal account. now owe paypal. ugh. scammers. I filed claim with my bank about them and lost as said is their policy to give credit not money back. as for poshmark, said would credit me one sale if dropped my claim with card company. i said unless credited me for both purchases, that i would proceed with my claim.. i also said i would report them to BBB and CPA for their deceitful, unethical business practices. Told would suspend my account if filed claim against them and sellers as bad reviews hurt them. They have tons of bad reviews from unhappy customers, sellers but seem to still be in business. is because most people don't research company before buy and hand over their credit card information to these fly by night unethical greedy companies. I just hope this is the end of it and my suffering and can move on and that they have not used my credit information illicitly like given it out to other companies or whoever. Will have to check my statements very closely for awhile now. They are manipulative and twist it all around so you are at fault as tell you you should have asked more questions. They say buyer protection but there isn't. there is no customer service by phone and are stuck commmunicating via emails.repeatedly they say how found for sellers eventhough what bought doesn't fit me. got my money like a fly by night company and ran with it. I am in the process of filing a claim with my card company. haven't got the paper work yet as transferred via phone to different departments and then hung up on me as are speaking to me from India you!! Outsourcing at it's finest. Some reviews on Poshmark here. click link. bad news. Feel free to share your thoughts on Poshmark, Zulilly, Tradesy, etsy, ebay, amazon prime or whoever. ttys.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Mice in my apartment going on 2 weeks now...

spam deleted. Thanks! 'here's to your health!' 1st bed bugs and now mice. Both issues have gone untreated. Exterminator comes every other month for roaches allegedly. puts some gel under sink in kitchen and bath room. told set off traps in building. doubt even bothered. landlord matt sullivan is a mean, bullying slumlord. I complained to code enforcement about clog in bath room sink for two weeks that had told super about and went unfixed until code sited them to do so. he also filled in holes around pipes in kitchen and bathroom floors after 7 months which is how mice got in. just like twisting things around and blaming me for bringing or atleast attracting bed bugsand not treating so i had to at own expense though i rent and landlord's responsibility..same now with mice, am being blamed for giving them places to hide as have alot of belongings. exterminator who works for landlord stated myn apt. was on verge of a hoard and he couldn't exterminate properly as stuff all over. code officer came took pictures and said can't site if landlord can't do job. landlord,Gus,super, jim who lives here and does little,section 8,advocate for me,codes all stick together. if went to court, i would end up getting evicted as looks bad for meas have noone on my side. Is making me sick living here as smells like a gerbil cage. i feel nauseous often from mice running on my tables behind me on couch near my bed when i sleep. i woke to mouse up on hook clothes were hanging on with his head in bag of dog food hund up there from him. already ate $15, 3 bags of dog food. bait put down made my dog ill,vomit, at wit's end. feel so trapped here. section 8 says mmove but have no move $$$ and no deposit to hold a place and landlord has security. i have looked but can't afford anything either. There is such corruption here as they all stick together,don't care about anyone but selves and own. police have even stopped coming here as here so often for noise complaints,etc as neighbors have no regard or consideration. i sleep to music and take sleep medicine now. Is how life is if poor as few choices. am poor as have health problems,RA,chronic pain so don't work but per diem if do an occasional fair as a vendor but don't drive, no car, no help,take cdta bus to events and can't board with table and many events say bring own, also want fees that can be high. tried some online selling sites that were scams and just a waste of time. Cohoes got some money to supposedly improve town and life for it's people but are only the chosen few as usual here. all on the take. corrupt. town officials such as council men are supposed to serve public not themselves. what all do is self serving. poor get poorer and well off get more so. huge rift between the two. in different worlds with very different outlooks of life here. if have a job,able bodied,are married with family, childen, money, a car, a house, fine things, get to go on vacation, have people watching your back, life is very different than if are on disability, alone, poor, don't work as little opportunity and power. Bullies here stick together. Just hope will go away. will gladly just give me a one way ticket and some money to. thank you very much!! Cohoes proud, a city that cares, yeh right!! what a crock of shit. I've got a few tricks up my sleeve yet so let the chips fall where they may. I am a very honest pwerson. i believe if I keep doing the next sober right thing, it will all work out. I put God first and put this mess in his hands as too much for me.

Harvest fest in Cohoes this coming week end...

spam deleted. Thanks! 'here's to your health!' I, ann reilly, artzstuf company will be in front of shelley's hair salon as got her ok, to try to sell a thing or two. will be doing face painting, henna tatoos too. click links for more info. if want to be in event, go to host, don, at spindles bar, when open.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Vendor wanted to split space, fee with..

spam deleted. Thanks! 'here's to your health!' for Guntal's flea market and future shows. Your share is $30. Email me if interested at I sell handmade jewelry, my art prints, designer bags including new reduced real Coach ones.

Raise Mental Health Awareness Today (May=Mental Health Month)

Raise Mental Health Awareness Today (May=Mental Health Month)
Why are there no runs for Mental Health?!


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