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Monday, June 06, 2016

Tips on Coping with a mild TBI

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As have shared in past, I live with the after effects of a head injury from a car accident several years ago. With it, has come emotional challenges as well.  I have at times feelings of fear being out with this. Also get frustrated when making decisions. Feel sad as there are limitations on how much can do in a day, how quickly do them and so on. Also get stressed as live with service dog and cope with this mostly on own.

I found an article on a web site on daily coping tips for persons living with this as well for care givers who care for us so understand us better. Here's the link  I just want to say to those of you out there, I find doing something daily helpful. Ex. am off to see my therapist today speak to her about how am doing.

 Many people are dealing with concussions and it is in the news now, especially with returning service men coming back with brain injuries and the movie 'Concussion' bringing to light sports injuries. Anything that can help people get better and accept their condition and have some sort of a life is good.

One is not as was. I just make lemonade from lemons given. Take care.

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Gossip and it's effect on our health

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Hi all! Trust you are well or are getting there. Was a loong winter for me. So many dreary days. Not as cold as been in past and not too much snow though. As usual, my SAD, seasonal affective disorder kicked in. Felt very down daily, especially in the mornings. Improved as did things. Was hard doing things like house work, food shopping, laundry.

Feels great when done. How it works. Did wash a couple of days ago. Put it away today. Now have fresh-smelling clean clothes! When down, our memory gets fuzzy and we forget it's really that simple. What makes it harder is that those around us don't understand our behavior so we become isolated and sick of explaining ourselves. For example, I am often referred to as 'crazy' by haters here who sit on buts, doing nothing, are negative, miserable and feel better about selves by putting someone else down.

Why do they do it? Stems from envy. Something about other's life they envy.  I just walk with God and my service dog, Brandy, letting them go. I have no control over them. Only can control myself. I ignore, avoid, don't talk to and basically don't get involved in their pathology. I act and not react. Not worth my time. Often have thought of telling them off.

Best not to interact as puts me on their level. Have to consider the source. One looks anorexic or has a drug problem, another always seems angry and has a big beer gut so has a drinking problem. Always amuses me the people who should not talk on others as so troubled themselves, have the mt to say. They like to share their misery. They catch the ears of others who are the same.

I try to be positive and keep busy and spirits up. This is nothing care to be involved in.  in response walk around with head hones and sun glasses, hahhaha. I tried getting out of here but rents to high in places liked. If can't change my situation, need to change my attitude. I daily let them go to God. I work EA, emotions anonomys.

First step says to let go of people and emotions and to admit life is unmanageable. Next step Came to believe god could restore me to sanity. 3. Turned my life over to God. What this means is abiding my will with God's and living responsibly daily and taking care of what needs doing. Mind my business, live and let live, one day at a time are some slogans follow.

Peace out all.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Latest Cairo,NY news....Police chief arrested for..

No spam. Thanks! Thanks Chris. Just what this little messed up town needed. Isn't it bad enough that it is known as a drug town with it's junkies and dealers?! Also is the armpit ogf Greene county with it's high unemployment,lack of job opportunities,uneducated citizens just lounging in front of the tv on the government dole all day. How disgraceful. Tons of slumlords too as have reported. This used to be a nice area where tourists used to vacation in the day if you can even imagine it. You can't now as businesses don't even want to open their doors here as noone buys anything from them except drugs,cigarettes,liquor. Now if you wanted to open a pot stand and sell your plants in your yard,this would be the town for you! If you are looking to come some place to eat or vacation,skip Cairo is all can say. Even with new library,they took out a million dollar loan for with money didn't have and the new expensive hannaford coming,sorry but true. SOO glad to be gone from here as yeh used to exist here.

Sunday, July 29, 2012


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Rain While we need it, We don't need it every day, But, it's been pouring daily, from where I sit, Watching the drops of water fall and trees sway, With the wind blowing their branches and leaves falling, Instead of for rain, I pray for a sunny day, Listening to birds sing, Feeling the warmth of the sun, Not the coolness of the clouds in the sky, Then I can get something done, Outside, tidying up, I'll try, For now the streets are soaked with rain, buckets of the stuff have filled my flower pots, It has now become a pain, As sun too is needed for fruit,crops,trees and forget me nots, So now instead of a rain dance, I will wish for a sunny sky, As I watch the animals prance, From my window by and by, Yes, it's high time for some sun, I long for it's warmth on my face, and the summer fun, It's vibrant glow on this place, That not is wet and dull, The streets resemble a ghost town, Empty and the sounds are at a lull, No activity can be seen in this now sleepy town, The rain seems to have washed away the people as well, As watered the ground and soil, The air is heavy with a damp smell, Soon, men will toil, Under the hot sun's rays, On roofs,fields,streets, They will seem as if in a daze, While others complain of the heat, And wish that it would rain.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Are you shy?

While I appreciate your comments to my posts, I would ask firstly that they pertain to topic and are not spam in nature. Thanks!

If so, it doesn't mean anything is wrong with you but is a personality type that prefers solitude,quiet over  being with other noisy people all the time talking.  Unfortunately with so many extroverts,nervy,obnoxious,overbearing,intolerant,dumb people about,it is easy to think we are odd, bad mouth us nearby so we hear it, as told so often since young probably and unpopular,perhaps friendless and even may be unemployed as hard to hold a job if scared of who work with,nervous,stressed to deal socially with strangers,different personalities,especially if find intimidating bec ause impolite,poorly raised,lacking in social  graces and insulted by what rude things others say and do and keep grudges and records! How to cope and overcome so can succeed inspite of thoughts,feelings and antisocial behavior? Be more accepting,lower expectations,of self, others,be where will have to interact,don't compare, judge others,self,don't complain,mope,feel self pity,worry.  Careers for those inately shy like me are artists,writers,farm,animal workers(feed horses,cows,pigs,pets in shelter,vet's office,farm)muck stalls,pet cages,plant seeds,harvest,auto towers, proof reader,counselor,advisor.  More jobs here . Click link.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Borderline Personality Disorder and Me..

While I appreciate your comments to my posts, I would ask firstly that they pertain to topic and are not spam in nature. Thanks!

(cont.)from select family,friends,support groups,chats,online and locally,humor,distract with movie,tv,not triggering),volunteering,cooking nice meal,hugging self,compassion for self,others,prayer,dropping judgement,expectations,comparing,moping,self pity,manipulating,complaining,worry,hypersensitivity,letting go of,making peace with past,forgiving those who hurt us,accept,be honest,courageous,positive,grateful,remember where were before,(replace old negative statements in writing with positive ones,reduce anger,fear with reframing,working self down,staying in day,control addictions,ask for help,company,not enabling helps. All relative. Put inspiring quotes on walls. Peace,God bless,good luck to all of us. Work it, worth it,stronger,better than you know. Brain remembers,we learn in time not to repeat same mistakes and walk down different st. so don't fall in hole again. Is crux of it. Weren't loved so we have to love us. Don't accept others trash just because have issues,maybe poor,jobless,friendless as keep to self to avoid pain or not being understood. deserves abuse. It ends here,now when we say enough and take back that child,person wounded,depend on selves not another as a crutch,learn to and receive love and walk. No shame,not to blame. We didn't cause this but responsible for what do with it. Is like a balloon. By doing techniques I gave you and do myself,we let a little air out of it at a time so suffering lessens and is bearable We are great and survivors. If you are still here,you are doing more right than wrong. Nothing wrong with us,more like what happened to us. Celebrate your survival. When you finally overcome this you are a miracle and learn to love yourself. No one can take that from you.

Our journey inspires others to make the same as we fly on the backs of us pioneers just like geese taking turns leading,squawking,til we tire and let our sister,brother lead for a time til we reach our goals. Perfection is an illusion. We are ok right now as are,not defective.We need each other as we are part of a unique flock. We are not crazy but have been exposed to violence,etc. that made us function in maladaptive ways as we couldn't be direct to our abusers. When we find a safe place to live,take the right medicine,find a trauma therapist,meet other BPD peers,begin to use these tools above, the healing begins. Don't expect people who haven't lived this to understand and ask for advice as they can't give it to you. Is like we speak an unknown language. They can have empathy but they need to be in a group to deal with us. We are not bad just very misunderstood.

If click on link above can see various youtube videos concerning this illness,it's causes,treatment options,personal stories by those living ith BPD. I believe while it possible to get beyond the criteria for meeting this illness,based on the DSM manual,it is something llike alcoholism that one needs to be are of and manage for the rest of one's life. We can have a life today though due to the wonderful work and commitment from doctors in this field and the personal stories of people with this.

It is my wish that one day people with mental illness are treated with the same respect given to others with physical illnesses people can see. The best remedy is tolerance and inclusion not isolation as it breeds sickness. By daily doing what is necessary,not what we feel like doing we learn to cope with our feelings and let them rise and fall and run their course without attaching danger to them. we stop making mountains out of molehills and gradually learn ne ays of dealing with those and thew world around us and situations e may find ourselves in. We learn to make good decisions not impulsively,for us and our self esteem and security within us grows as we begin to have more and more positive experiences replacing the awful ones from the past. We stop staring as nothing ever changes there. we accept we have no power over others but ourselves and our attitudes and we begin to live life on life's terms not our own. As they say in 12 step promises.these will surely come if we work for them.

Monday, June 06, 2011

May Came and Went...

While I appreciate your comments to my posts, I would ask firstly that they pertain to topic and are not spam in nature. Thanks

To the Editor:

May was and is Mental Health Awareness Month yet this year May came and went in Columbia-Greene counties with no mention of Mental Health,except at (MHA) Mental Health Association who had an open house here in Hudson. In past years there have been 'Out of the Darkness' marches both in Hudson and Catskill to remember those lives lost to this devastating illness and it's impact on those families and friends left behind. It seems like most things unless it touches us in some way personally,we can turn a blind eye to it. I believe Mental and emotional illnesses touch everyone's lives in some way. Many Americans lose days at work due to their emotional state of mind which costs companies money. The government has had to pay a heavy price financially to support many who can't work as the 'system' as it is called, is very flawed and would rather put a bandaid on the problem rather than treat it. They are penalized if try to work as government takes half of check. Where's the incentive in that? This is not to say that people don't go to therapy and take the medication to be some what stable. Unfortunately this is not enough. Many live on the fringes of society or are recluses in their homes as they fear the public and visa versa. 'That which we don't understand we fear'. How do you get to know a person? Simple. You talk to them. Everyone has a story. If we can identify with one another and drop the judgement as none of us are better than another,we would see how similar we are. I suppose that is what frightens us is that it could happen to us. People with mental challenges need to be assimilated into society. Companies need to become willing to hire those with disabilities and let them do something. They can't be expected to do what someone who doesn't have this can. I believe before people come to the job,the company needs to provide it's employees with training on mental health illnesses,thinking,feeling,behavior so that they can work with them. Ex. Someone may have problems with concentration or memory so it is better if things be written down for them on a post it like 'need 5 copies'. I believe there is a solution if we are willing to look for one. Obama wants the unemployment rate cut. The state and country are broke. Social security and Medicare are threatened. I say the party is over. Was it such a party anyway? Unlike what many Americans who have to work every day,believe,many of those on the government rolls are hanging on by a thread and not living high on the hog. Granted there are some who play the system and have some illegal family business going on to which even it's children are a part of as are born into it. For many though I believe, if they could get help finding a job they could do and get the proper training and support to keep it and work with them and bosses should any confllict come up on job,they would gladly work. This will not happen in a day as from being out of work years,many have developed poor habits,let alone having a good work ethic. For some,a job full time is not reasonable as their functioning level is not high enough to cope. Perhaps working part time or volunteering is the answer. I believe everyone who is unemployed should be contacted and worked with so that they can serve society in some capacity as this develops self esteem and makes our country stronger by having people in it who are happier and a part of this country they inhabit rather than existing leading mundane,meaningless lives. Many were abused as children and are still as adults as are easy targets to bullies anyone who just wants to make a pot shot at them. When did this become ok? The reality is they are more often the victims of crime and are taken advantage of as are gullible,trusting,passive and are often alone as ARE FRIENDLESS.

Many of us have family members who suffer from depression,anxiety,panic attacks,phobias. In fact 1 in 4 Americans will have a mental illness at some point in their lives. 1 in 10 young people between the ages of 13 and 25 have a mental illness. The suicide rate is growing amongst our teens and returning military who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, at an alarming rate. Many service men and women have head injuries. This too is not easily understood as they bring on changes in mood,behavior such as anger outbursts,low frustration tolerance,depression,feeling overwhelmed. What was easy to do such as do several things in a day, is now difficult. Perhaps they can only do the laundry, in time. It is important that those with any mental health challenge, whether it be mild head injury,emotional illness(which are learned patterns of behavior based on one's environment),mental illness(which runs in families so there are some genetic reasons for this biochemically,is often caused by abuse and neglect as children or some traumatic event such as being a crime victim or hurt by domestic violence),developmental delays,autism,etc. )not compare themselves with those who don't . The same could be said of society who can be often very cruel to these people. Notice I say people as they too feel pain,are someone's sister,brother,daughter,son,friend. For many sadly, their families and friends have rejected them as they don't understand them. They can't relate to how they think and it does get 'old' and frustrating very quickly. Many can be dependent on families both financially and emotionally and the family member can get sucked in. This is called codependence. A similar pattern happens with those who have chemical dependencies. A triangle is played out where each person is either the victim,persecutor or rescuer.

Mental illness like addiction is a family illness. It is very treatable and many can lead satisfying,autonomous lives. Some even have families of their own. These are the fortunate ones. So many are not. These we see in our jails,homeless living in the streets and shelters,are part of the sex industry,are involved with selling drugs,hooked on drugs or drink or dead at their own hands or the hand of another.

I think May should not be the only day we address mental illness in this country or when a Columbine happens at our schools often due to bullying from other students and victimizing another student so he comes in with a gun. When someone jumps off the Rip Van Winkle bridge,like what happened last year we say”he had a history of mental illness' like it's an explanation and somehow ok and not worth worrying about as it's not someone we knew. N oone was born this way. These illnesses don't usually show themselves until someone is between 16 and 18. The individual is often shy and sensitive. The answer perhaps is to incorporate into therapy not to take what others say and do personally as is how we are. We have become an extremely rude,crude,inconsiderate ,angry and mean-spirited society. Ask anyone who serves the public and they will say that they can't stand people and when they go home they want to be alone. This is sad as many of us have jobs and don't want to be treated like this. If it's hard for us out there,can you imagine how hard it is for someone with a disability? Do you think these tormented souls need your wrath,ridicule,stupidity and disdain hurled at them because you are miserable? How hard would it be to smile or say hello when someone says hello to you? If you don't perhaps it's your problem more than theirs. Maybe you need to look at yourself.

Cairo is where the mental health clinic is. It serves many people in this community,especially low income individuals trying to deal with the stress of their lives. It is in an old building shared by some other offices including HUD,case management for those with mental illness who need someone to visit them weekly in their homes or take them somewhere. These people also advocate for those who have trouble doing so so that they get benefits like Social Security,HEAP,etc. Perhaps they help if person is having a housing conflict with a neighbor or landlord. The sheriff also is in this building right off the waiting room behind a dark partition watching you when you. If your not paranoid coming in you sure are when you leave. Though so many people come to this clinic, don't be looking for a new building to be built anytime soon as this is not the priority here. Having a library overall apparently is going to bring people to a town where the village looks like a ghost town of empty store fronts as most people have no money. The unemployment rate is staggering and there is a rift between the classes as wide as the bridge that separates Hudson from it. The officials of the town only care about the ones they can relate to who are doing ok. Forget about those who are living in an unweatherized cottage with their pets because they have nowhere else to go and no one to help them get there. That is their problem they say. They brought it on them selves.Many oft them would tell you that they are good ol' Christians as they attend mass on Sundays to ease their consciences. A small group of people run this town and don't welcome outsiders and any new ideas they may have. They think if it aint broken why fix it. Unfortunately it is very broken. The only thing good about Cairo is it does have some stores one can walk to,hAS A NICE pARK AND HAS SOME EVENTS IN IT LIKE SOME FAIRS. The rest of the year it is dead as a door nail. When you walk down the street be prepared to be ignored or talked about unless you fit in with their way of thinking. I think building a new library is fine,just not an expensive one. We need better transportation more so people could look,get work out of this area like in Albany,Kingston, I think they should be given money for bus fare too.

This area (Columbia Greene county) has a reputation for having horrible mental health services. We are told to be grateful not in some third world country and that we get any at all, when in fact the USA is becoming more and more like one. One can only see therapist every other week. Larger cities like Albany,White Plains have compeers(regular people in the community who volunteer their time to do something weekly with the outcasts amongst us). Perhaps taking a walk together or having a cup of jo' is what will help. One doesn't always need a pill but that is what the doctors like to give you as is easier and quicker as they send you on your way.
Also having a care line(run by volunteers for when people call in and are in pain in between appointments and is not an emergency) would be helpful. Also a support group one could go to weekly to just check in and touch base in between appointments would be good too.

Learning to advocate for and assert yourself is key here. Similar to how AA works, one who has gotten better,helping another, is the answer here. Who cares more than those who have these issues and can relate as having dealt with them. Many are empowering themselves and have become better for the struggle as they can help another as they are miracles and survivors. There is no shame in this. We did not cause this it's about taking responsibility for ourselves and being the best we can be and taking care of us. I have participated in the empowerment movement with organizations like (NYAP RS) NY Association for Rehabilitative Svcs., by writing to and meeting with legislators,marching at the capital to pass the parity bill (so people get therapy,doctor visits and medication paid by their job's insurance like any other physical condition as it is one.) There is an imbalance of serotonin in the brain that can cause one to feel depressed. The same is true of schizophrenia(physical causes),anxiety,etc. Why then should people be penalized when they act nervous,sad,etc.?

An organization called Active Minds is working with many students who have illnesses on college campuses so that they feel comfortable to get help. They are telling,sharing their stories to help erase the stigma associated with this illness. NAMI, National Association for the mentally Ill has educated the public on these illnesses,Patty Duke,Morley Safer,Catherine Zeta Jones,Linda Hamilton have helped put a face on mental illness by coming out and sharing they have it and live with,manage it. Hospitals no longer keep patients locked up but release them after a week when the insurance runs out. It costs about $600/day to kee someone in a hospital so it is more cost effective to send them home.

We have come a long way since the days when people were locked up and treated in their filth by doctors up until the 30's,forced (ECT)electric shock therapy to treat depression in the 40's,atrociities exposed by Meredith Viera at an institution in NJ years ago when she was with 20/20,concerning Willowbrook, in the 70's,potrayals in movies like 'One flew over the Cookoo's Nest',the emptying of instutions in the50's, 60's to the streets with no after care,the actions of Rudolf Guliani to hide the homeless and get them out of Grand Central Station so regular folks didn't have to be harrassed by pan handlers when they bought train tickets or when politicians came to town in the 80's. Many ended up going underground and live actually below NYC in tunnels or can be seen keeping themselves warm huddled around burning metal garbage pails. The bottle bill helped many and saved lives as it gave those addicted a way to buy their drug or drink without hitting someone over the head for some money to do it. There are some advocates who work with the homeless and try to get them their benefits,into housing,drug,alcohol treatment,therapy,medication denied them as they have no address or they are too sick to get them themselves as they don't stay on the medication. Medication and advances in therapies and knowledge about these disorders has helped improve the lives of many.

I believe we are not too far off before we find a genetic gene for this and it can be prevented. Already some are getting what is like a pace maker, put in their necks to give a shock to the brain to stimulate it to help with resistant depression that different drugs haven't helped. There is some risk here though. PET scans of the brain actually show a difference in how a person with depression's brain functions vs. a healthy persons in that certain areas are more active and a different size than in the depressed person's.

People with mental illness are perhaps the most courageous,misunderstood,maligned people you ever will meet.We are far from weak but have great inner strength to endure like Auschwitz victims in this society being treating worse than criminals as 5h class citiens. It is not easy to walk outside when your mind is telling you many are laughing,talking about you and some are. Being by oneself 90% of the time because no one wants to spend time with you even when you try to be friendly,ask them if they want to do something,like the therapist suggests,is not pleasant. Is what mental illness is. Is a distorted view of reality and the world. The irony is that society has a misconception of this too. Self help books like Feeling Good can help one see when their thinking is stinking but it is not the end all and be all. Many have a psychiatric service animal like a dog which people don't understand and try to make you feel weird about, to help them with their symptoms. For many depressed people,their only friend is their pet. Is there any wonder why they stay depressed in such an oppressive society? We are told not to carry the suitcases of our pasts and troubles with us and live one day at a time in the now when the now is pretty crumby, the way it is and the future is far from bright. Is very sad when so many of us are intelligent,creative people with a lot to offer the world.

-Ann Reilly

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

While I appreciate your comments to my posts, I would ask firstly that they pertain to topic and are not spam in nature. Thanks!

This applies to all of us folks and not just those suffering with emotional illness and addiction due to abuse and the behaviors that go along with it like stealing,lying,manipulation,job instability,violence and so on. Keeping ourselves on the beam so to speak is very important. It is vital that we know what our priorities are,that we surround ourselves with supportive,healthy people and choose jobs that are fulfilling to us and where we are appreciated for what we contribute by not just a pay check. If we can't find joy in what we do career wise then it is essential we do somewhere or we will be lost. Perhaps volunteering is the answer. Maybe joining an organization whose mission you too share like being green,saving animals,advocating for abused kids,elderly,those with disabilities. I don't know. It's different for everyone. When you find yourself at a point in your life like you don't want to get up in the morning,nothing excites you,family or person(s) close to you are not enough or are getting to YOU, it's time to look at what is really going on here. If honest, you will see what is needed is that you make a change in your life and the direction it is going. Don't settle for less as it will effect all areas of your life.Be courageous and live your life and do what you are being called to do. Listen to that little voice in you telling you what you need to do,what you are here to do. Don't shrink from that call but boldly follow it. You won't regret it. It is then that you will be living and not just existing.

We probably have been hearing that voice a long time but we didn't follow it out of fear of what we might have to do or give u to achieve it.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Hi. I am Back

While I appreciate your comments to my posts, I would ask firstly that they pertain to topic and are not spam in nature. Thanks!

Well alot has been going on since I blogged last. Yes I found housing. Is ok. Not great but I manage. I have 1 1/2 bed room cottage. I moved in in July. Is unweatherized so rough in winter but I managed as I put plastic over windows,have rugs on floors,heavy curtain over door at night. January and February heat bill high as use propane.

I did not have internet and just used library pc where got booted off in a half hour so didn't write here. I also needed space and time as a 15 year relationship was in ended. We still chat on line occasionally by email and he gives cat support as two of his cats here. We had had eight. One was adopted,one at no kill shelter sadly,two he had at lace we shared and supposedly they were put in shelter. Pray they are well. All can do. Other four with me and my dog. We are well. We had a codependent relationship as we both have some addictions and some emotional challenges.

I did flea markets during summer for money with jewelry I make and will again this summer. Memorial day right around the corner.

My mom was ill since December of last year again until recently. I put her in nursing home. Now she is in a better one near me and I visit her weekly. She is mentally well tho mostly in wheel chair sadly. She is 91 though and I am grateful still have her. I am able to give back to her what did for me.

I joined a church and have become born again Christian. They have been very supportive of me especially when mom took ill. Pet sat even. I have some new sisters in Christ now as not close to one have.

Well that's about it. If care to comment on anything I mentioned please do. Maybe about relationships,faith,aging parents,how you save money and are surviving in this bad economy,
Mental Health Hope Chat

Raise Mental Health Awareness Today (May=Mental Health Month)

Raise Mental Health Awareness Today (May=Mental Health Month)
Why are there no runs for Mental Health?!


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