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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Pumpkin fest coming to Cohoes

spam deleted. Thanks! 'here's to your health!' Pumpkin fest coming. Is same as fall fest. Won't be able to afford to be in again as want 60 for vendor spot. Claim costs a lot to hold.I am just trying to sell what bought, made. Gave and threw away alot sadly as no room. More vendors get, cheaper fee should be. Costs are band, $500, flyers, sign, $50. Done. Way i see it. Vendors, food, crafters, free as pay shop, town for spot. Makes no sense. Full. On wait list when have whole street of room. Again select few can profit here. Same ol'. Say how are trying to attract artists, biz, people here to help town but then squash dreams likes bug. Help selves only. I vend alone with cart. No car, help, cash as on disability. Is a shame how many here are so selfish, cold, unfeeling. Have own, heck with you. Did flea market last week. Dragged cart and duffel bag home by my self. Vendors there saw me and just hopped in cars. Gross come t on life here and vending. No sense of community here at all.

Cohoes Bed Bugs!

spam deleted. Thanks! 'here's to your health!' Cohoes has bed bug infestation in buildings of NY. Are in my apt. building on Columbia st. as high turn over, transient population, drug traffic squatters who pay no rent. Advice. Don't move here. Land of no opportunity except for few. Noisy here too. Complain to no avail to police and landlord. Have spent $200 dealing with bug problem as landlord, exterminator didn't treat.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

FREE art/ writing class/ studio time at library...

spam deleted. Thanks! 'here's to your health!' AtCohoes public library. all welcome. email me if interested. thanks. more info here. 'I made this!' -ann reilly, designer

Monday, June 19, 2017

Depressed towns and cities like Cohoes could use artists to help revitalize communities..

spam deleted. Thanks! 'here's to your health!' Artists think out of the box and are ofcourse creative. Can help solve town's ills by offering life through displaying their art. 'I made this.' Beacon, Poughkeepsie and now Kingston beginning to flourish with artists and arts to turn troubled cities around. read more here

Friday, May 26, 2017

Cohoes Memorial day parade 2017

spam deleted. Thanks! 'here's to your health!' Passed in front of my apartment building on Columbia St. Great view. Raft going by..

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Block party, Spring fest in Cohoes today

spam deleted. Thanks! 'here's to your health!' Can catch me selling my wares on corner. Remsen and Columbia sts. Artzstuf, company, Ann Reilly, artist, vendor. Was in front of Langley's, a mechanic not in operation so didn't pay fee. Only made $18 after expenses so wasn't paying owner of Spindles, who ran show, $30. He shook me down for money but didn't give in. He said was part of event. He says how I can't just be there, how other vendors paid. The difference between them and me is I am poor, have no car, help, shlep over alone. Live 2 doors down. On my St. Many do what did when event. He Said next time they not going to let me be in it and why didn't I stand in front of my building. Made nothing last time is why. Money made towards my accupuncture costs as not covered by insurance. Joint problems, on disability. He begrudged me little made. Mean time he's making good money off his noisy bar. I have to tolerate him, it, noisy music and his rowdy drunken patrons coming home all hours. Drop glasses and beer bottles on ground outside too. Ugh. Cuts both ways babe.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Pricey bakery comes to poor Cohoes

spam deleted. Thanks! 'here's to your health!' Good to see. Place like the Cake Shop here but food is too expensive, especially given the demographic. Many poor people here. Can't afford a mini pastry for $1.50 or a pie for $35. Is outrageous and illogical given where are situated. Crazy to think people would spend that kind of money when can just go to price chopper and get one for 10. Good luck. I see people coming for a quick coffee or a costly $1.50 small cookie is all. People here don't want to give a dollar for a top at thrift store up street. Run to Community Outreach to get voucher so get free! Is the mentality here. Cohoes is not Latham or Guilderland. Many unemployed on public help. Not sure how long will stay open or will make enough to keep doors open. Store next to it, is another in wrong area. Sells ball gowns. People here walk around outside in their pajamas. Never see anyone in shop. Obviously both places didn't do home work before came here. Could use a hardware store. Open that.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

My High School Photo

spam deleted. Thanks! 'here's to your health!' Is me on right. On web site. My year book photo from sophomore year. Was about 15 years old. Academy of the Resurrection high school Rye, NY, class of 1980. Ann Marie Reilly.">|20738|Right3|2181|19891|3&yearbookViewerEnabled=true&swipeEnabled=truhttp Link is below.|20738|Right3|2181|19891|3&yearbookViewerEnabled=true&swipeEnabled=true"> Can contact me here. Class of 1980. Let me know what are up to.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Small Shops help Fill Shopping Void in Cohoes

spam deleted. Thanks!
'here's to your health!' Although at one time, there were many shopping options in Cohoes, in the last fifteen years or so, that no longer is the case. Known for being an ol' mill town, Cohoes boasted of it's men's and ladies clothing stores, bakery, shoe store, diner, movie theater, milliners, shoe repair, toy, children's clothing, department,stationery, stores, mini outlet mall,etc. With the birth of Walmarts and Sam's clubs, the landscapes of many a small town across the United States likeCohoes, changed drastically. Mom and Pop shops that had weathered many a storm through the years, fell in the face of outscourcing, corporate downsizing,alternate transportaion,vacation options and global warming. Now urban blight, empty strip malls and abandoned, ill maintained store fronts are the norm. What once was the train station, has been replaced by the current OTB. Former churches, once frequented by the faithful, are now either empty or being used for some other purpose, due to decline of parishioners. The library site is what used to be a church. The Venue is an art gallery space that was also a church. The bakery, which was a hub of activity where people went to catch up with the goings on as well as for a loaf of bread, has since burned to the ground in 2006. The family who ran it, didn't rebuild. All along Main street, one can find condemned, foreclosed on properties. Absentee landlords are the norm. Sidewalks are left covered in snow, ice with no salt or sand put down. As I walk my dog,I have fallen twice as slippery and dangerous. Is just a lawsuit waiting to happen as cheaper to maintain than pay in court. Landlords get away with it as is business as usual despite the promises of the new,ineffective mayor. Old Victorian burned, damaged home on Bridge street, stands teetering on the hill as one enters Cohoes. An eye sore if there ever was one. Empty store fronts line Remsen still despite alleged urban renewal claims. Many store owners have little incentive to invest in this troubled,dying town. Young people tend to leave once grown rather than reinvest in their community. The hardware store closed last year as owner retired. Noone bought the space so we have no hardware store now. Yes one can get a few screws and nails at Family Dollar but, selection is minimal. Table and Chairs furniture just went out a few months back. 30% poverty rate is a staggering statistic here well above the national average. Area is being called Appalachia now. There are some places to eat here though such as House of Pizza, Subway, Burger King and Dunkin Donuts. The Falls are a tourist attraction eventhough there is nowhere for visitors to stay what with the hotel being closed. In it's defunct space are plans for a high income high rise for the chosen few. The Mercantile next door to there is a gift shop with some clothes, hand made soap, cremes but most of it's items are pricey, from China and unecessary. Marras', drug store, that has more than a pharmacy has been around for ages. Family also owns the funeral home. Town has a florist, rug store, hair salon, jeweler, bike and antique shop too. Music Hall has live entertainment from time to time but few I know go as can't pay. Churches hold bazaars and sell items a couple of times a year. One can get books to read, DVDs to rent at the library. Vendors line the street selling their wares fall and winter too. Those willing to drive, go to malls in neighboring towns to shop or online as not much here anymore. History of town dates back to the revolution. Mastedon bones were found during the building of the dam even. Despite it's image being tarnished,Cohoes has held on. When walking down it's cobble stone streets, one can't help but fall in love with it's many brown stone beautiful buildings in the historic district. There remains still a charm here, if you take the time to look. Thankfully there are still some shops here that have listened to the consumer and have attempted to fill their needs. They have considered the demographic here, which consists downtown of a large population of people on the government rolls. Based on buying trends they have opted to sell low cost,new or gently used product, they can afford to buy. This increases local commerce and creates a vibrant, happier community, where all can buy and not just those with good jobs and money. Stores like Family Dollar, CVS and Rite Aid anchor the town, along the Mohawk and Hudson rivers, along the Erie canal. They supply cheap house hold items, clothing, shoes, food and of course medicine. They sell over the counter drugs too. The Peltier House has been restored to it's former glory, off White St amist smaller, newer homes. One can buy dollar used DVDs at A Little of This An That on Main and Columbia streets. At Faye's Fabulous Finds, one can find nice used furniture, clothes, shoes and hand bags, lots of bags! Barry's thrift on Remsen has collectibles and the odd item you didn't know you needed, for less like a cell phone speaker, requiring no wires! The Community Closet, also on Remsen, has used clothing for a steal. It is run by the local church and items are sold by donation. In fact it is not unheard of to get a coat for a buck there! Mimi's Elegance Boutique is the only real ladies clothing store in town. It has some nice new dresses,including designer for a very good price. One can get a marked down from $140. Calvin Klein dress for just $35! The dress sizes range fro 1 and up. When I was there I found some 16's but no 18's yet which is what I wear. In the back of the shop, is a hair salon. They split the space which saves them money. I saw handmade jewelry too. With the dresses were a few hand bags. In a city with so many social problems, it is refreshing to see some shops and their owners changing with the times so they don't become dinosaurs like their previous neighbors. Many are reselling used product for reuse, rather than using new resources, which is called upcycling. This cuts down on what ends up at exhausted landfills, so it helps the environment too, besides saving seller, buyer money. Is a win, win situation as seller makes money off what would end up being thrown away, other wise. Most people need to watch what they spend now a days so here they save money. This is why thrift stores have become so popular, as well as yard sales and flea markets. People are looking to save or get a bargain. Cohoes, now has become a part of this new trend, embracing the old. All I can say is , way to go guys! thanks for offering us some affordable, yet nice shopping in Cohoes once again!

Friday, February 05, 2016

Hosting Art/Mindfulness Coloring for Adults Studio Time

spam deleted. Thanks! 'here's to your health!'

at Cohoes Public library. Click link to read more about it. Is on Wednesdays from 6-7:30 pm from 2/17/16 for one month. Is free to the public. Some supplies offered but if have, best to bring your own. Mediums Ann Reilly, host, artist from her company, Artzstuf, uses are:knitting with yarn, painting in acrylic and watercolor, drawing with pencil and charcoal and pastels. She also enjoys coloring.

Has become very popular form of relaxation of late. See you there.


Saturday, October 17, 2015

Look for me at Harvest fest in Cohoes...

spam deleted. Thanks! 'here's to your health!'

I will be selling my art prints, hand made jewelry, flea market, quality, used items such as dvds, cds, jewelry plus new sterling silver 925 jewelry at bargain prices!

Event date is 10/24/15. Location: Remsen St., street fest, Don, email

facebook: spindlesonremsen

We will have crafters, artists, vendors, food, farmers with fresh vegetables, fruit, live music.

Sunday, June 07, 2015

Will be at Farmer's Market in Cohoes Ny Friday

Spam deleted. Thanks! 'here's to your health!' June 12th. thru October 7the 2015. I will be selling my art prints, handmade reiki, chakra jewelry and some items from NY like antique bottles dug up and cleaned. Hope to see you there I have made quite a few new jewlry pieces like gemstone necklaces, earrings, bracelets and pendants.

Monday, March 24, 2014

More handmade jewelry selfies below..

spam deleted. Thanks! 'here's to your health!'

                                         my beer bottle cap, recycled metal earrings. (Buy on Etsy for $10.!)

                                 'tree of life' pendant.

recycled, vintage, glass, wire-wrapped, beaded necklace*

vintage, glass, painted vase.
*glass from dump dig went on. Yes I cleaned and filed the glass shards down first before working with them!
acrylic painting of 'garden of crysanthamums' by Ann Reilly

Friday, August 30, 2013

Promoted business and....

spam deleted. Thanks!

still am.  Will see if it help me get some sales,improves my Google page rank and Alexa score too.  Had free trial on vistaprint before along with the free biz cards. added manually to search engines too.and got no biz sadly from it.  Also added postcards with my art,jewelry and photos on it.  

Also visited several linkexchanges to get more traffic to my sites and maybe a new client.  So far my page rank hasn't changed,have had more page hits but no new customers or sales.  Any ideas about what else could do besides being listed in phone book,advertising in paper as can't afford it.  Could get biz if could sell at local events like larkfest in albany but too pricey.

Monday, August 12, 2013

The best way to make money besides having a J-O-B ....

Don't SPAM Me!. Delete it.  Thanks!

Many web sites that promote traffic to clients' sites for a fee won't tell you like Linkreferral
is that there is an easier,more direct,cost effective way of doing the same thing that Google and Alexa don't mind. (as fake traffic or rather unnatural is unliked). It's called exchanging links with people who are either in the same field or share a like mindset to you.
You can even do it at a site like the one you find yourself on like EasyHits4u exchange links on our web sites,blogs,shared sites like facebook,google plus and twitter.
without  going against them by emailing back whoever emails you and asking to.

Other traffic catching ways to get traffic,not necessarily buying ones though as not targeted paid leads,sorry but true, are:  writing articles on topics you know something about like well let's see,making money and how to get traffic! Also having a web site that offers people something they want and need. Now it's time to ask yourself what do you have that people would want or rather pay for?! hmm. What unique set of skills do you possess that your competitors don't? let's face it for the most part you don't want people who are here as a customer or rather you won't get us as a client. Why? Because we are in the same boat as YOU! We are looking to make money,promote our own pages or find money on the net by trying some get rich quick scheme,which doesn't work(cause if it did everyone would be doing it. Why people usually keep what do,a 9-5 job,M-F. even if they despise it which most do.
Moving right long...Have you figured out what you do better than most people you know yet? Well..let me help you. I have a friend who has fallen for many schemes online,no other name for what they are. They promise a lot of fast money for little time or effort and don't deliver and he loses his disability check dollars each time sadly. The reality is there is no guaranteed money on the net except in porn. fact. The only definite money Is from your job you have now.

Now maybe you are asking yourself how is this helping me find out what I am good at? It isn't but was just a side bar to what am going to say about that same friend mentioned earlier. what he doesn't realize is that he has the power already to make all the money he will ever need in his lifetime. All he has to do  is do what he loves and it's not work and he will stick with it as it interests him and he is good at it too! Wild huh? Well in his particular case that is food and gardening or rather he likes to cook, I like to eat and eat what he cooks,lol and he enjoys gardening so he grows organic,let's be healthy,and then uses what he grows in green and fruit salads etc. He is even talking of expanding this concept into the public sector by selling firstly to his neighbors and then people he does biz with daily like Cumberland farms where he buys his soda and gas and Holiday where he buys his sandwiches for lunch,etc.!

This business angle will generate money faster than anything else you do. I am not saying sites like Easyhits4u aren't good at all. I am saying that this is the best way to make a good income. Theirs are great at getting untargeted traffic like at Trafficswarm 
of people in same set of circumstances who don't buy as yourself who you don't want or need in your life! Just my humble opinion. It is a fact that you get what you pay for in this life and if you don't buy it and it's free then it really doesn't have much value either.

Commenting in forums and other's blogs generates traffic and sometimes income when people buy after visiting your site,too!

like many people I have had many jobs and careers. The average person will try atleast 3 different careers in their life and move to 5 jobs. I am not average in anything I do so I have had more in 11. Several of them were my own start up businesses as I like many of you am an entrepreneur. That is where the money is today or rather the happiest earned buck. Don't get me wrong, entrepreneurship is not without it's risk and you will have to work harder than anyone else in your company as you are the one who cares the most. You may not even see a salary right off for a bit. Most companies go under the first year. If you do turn a profit and stick to it,you will succeed though in the long run but that is a story for another day. 

article by Ann Reilly. excerpt from this can be found at Easy Hits4u a traffic generating site for your biz under their Articles page.

                                                                                                                     Ann Reilly



Sunday, March 24, 2013

Craigslist post..

No spam. Thanks! Most likely will be deleted but have link here Has got my goat again as see my exlandlored akama bergen is trying to rent her property and even sell it again and it is a dump. Her mo is is to fix it rent it and then once in does nothing.Know as lived there. avoid it is all can say. Would say stay clear of Cairo in general for the same reason if renting as many slumlords here. As per post... Reply [?] flag [?] : miscategorized prohibited spam best of Posted: 2013-03-24, 4:17AM EDT $500 / 500ft² - affordable,decent housing desired! (Cairo,NY) Slumlords galore here in good ol' Cairo. town does nothing to stop them. know as usedto live here. If poor,need housing that is cheap and there's the rub and doesn't exist. All find is rundown dumps as area was touristy and is no more and alot of these places abound and area is poor as little work so people aRE DESPERATE AND TAKE THEM. TOWN LOOKS Other way as in officials as think not their problem but is as depreciartes property values. even with new library and hannaford being built is still full of welfare and people don't buy so doesn't attract new business. knoqw as have one and hard to sell bread here. other slumlords here or just plain illegal ones are:perry holst and his unweatherized properties by the park,morgan krause and his eyesores on grove st.,john cassaluchi on route 84 by oneill's a dump,eva's farm,new owners still a dump,lake elissa,a dump and she makes a side business keeping your security deposits. Others don't rent to pet owners, even disabled ones with service dogs like claudia zucker and living structures and beth from there too a realtor who owns a property on grove st.. know as denied. another place on main the same thing. ugh.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Green Market in Cairo has some of my jewelry..

No spam. Thanks!
on consignment. Is a nice place. They have my wire wrapped glass jewelry made from old glass dug up from local dumps in the woods here in Greene county,ny! Check it out.
Even can order one of their holiday pies. As Martha would say, 'it's a good thing!' Green market made the newspaper again see article in the daily mail here in the catskills of NY.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Street Fest tomorrow..

While I appreciate your comments to my posts, I would ask firstly that they pertain to topic and are not spam in nature. Thanks! in Cairo,NY. It will be put on by the historical society. Prohibition,temperance movement and a throwback to the 20's theme will be the fashion tomorrow being Saturday. We will have an auction at Mason's hall,a Speak easy at Gallagher's banquet hall in the evening,vendors with food and arts and crafts,music,dancing from 11 AM-9PM. Come visit. Don't forget to come to my yard,moving sale. I am across from hardware store. I have a bit of everything(clothes,games,stuffed animals,knick na cks,house wares,dvds,cds,vhs's,computer gadgets, books,glassware,china,old bottles,furniture,jewelry,toys,vintage collectibles,etc. for $1+-5,mostly but a few things a bit more like a guitar for $35 with case and a color printer,copier,scanner for but $39. NEW!) in the back on my property,not in the front. Go up the drive to the cottage. Hope to see you there!(my sale hours are 9AM-8PM,depending on how long runs and how many people attend.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Artzstuf - Artzstuf,welcome - Cairo, NY

obviously people did read it so not all bad.Artzstuf - Artzstuf,welcome - Cairo, NYhad a post linking to my temp. free for a month trial blog that is now down. had hoped to get some buzz,biz from it. click here to see my site on Square free.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Flea Market was a Bust,Thanks for nothing Carol and Chamber of Commerce of Cairo,NY

While I appreciate your comments to my posts, I would ask firstly that they pertain to topic and are not spam in nature. Thanks!.

Attended flea market in Cairo, NY for the first and last time apparently this season. Carol from Chamber of Commerce here asked for $20 from me to sell at school lawn,when last year she said if there was space I didn't have to pay if space,as I said on disability. There was plenty of space as not many buy here so less vendors come. She said 'You pulled the same thing last year and don't come back next week'. I said she said could last year to which she said she didn't. I then said 'fine., not like make anything here anyway'. Maybe I'm crazy but isn't it the Chamber of Commerce's job to promote people,businesses and in my case artists who create jewelry and art here in the Hudson Valley so people can buy here to better the economy? Instead I was oppressed once again here and 'beaten down' and not encouraged,supported,praised for my work.(No one sells jewelry but me in Cairo) They charge a fee to join I can't pay. The 'youth fair' is $40 to sell there for one day. I only sold $ 40 last year and then fee had to be deducted from it so not worth my time. I sat in a hot tent for hours. Crazy! Then they wonder why many drink,drug,sell drugs in this town, when they don't support the poor to better selves creatively as am creative but infact look the other way,ignore them as if they will just go away, as not their problem when in fact is everyone's problem. Is a cold way to live not to care about your neighbor,especially when he or she has fallen beside you and yo can help in a small,simple way by giving a smile,a hello,not working against them but helping them get out of the pit of 'despair' they find selves in. At least I try and don't sit on butt watching soap operas feeding my face complaining about things and feeling sorry for myself.

I comfort self in knowing not all see things as I do so I can let anger and them go and move on. I work a 12 step program. I think everyone needs a program to 'deal' now a days with others so don't 'personalize' what do and say as is just them. Many are 'rude,crude and inconsiderate' now and just think of selves. The pathetic thing in this is that when you' think about self all the time,you don't think much of your self'. All they have is their bitterness as they are devoid of love and God. I pray i never get like this.

Today although had a straw hat on,bottled water and a portable fan,felt my body over heating due to the sun as was out in the open as was shady in morning when got there but then wasn't. I left as felt ill. Unlike many other vendors there, I had no awning and large table. Mine is home as can't carry it myself so walked there pushing a cart with chair,small table and product selling in a knapsack on my back. Do what have to do. everyone's situation is different.Can clearly see my situation is different than the rest there. She says 'others pay so can't just let me not or others won't want to either'.She seems miserable,angry and wants to make others feel the same. I will pray for her and the others in this town like her who don't have any sense of decency or 'heart'. They do nothing for you but work against you and talk about you within eAR SHOT. tHE MEN ARE LIKE 'WASH WOMEN' AND THE WOMEN BEHAVE LIKE 'OVERGROWN CATTY BRATS'. 'Some times your the wind shield sometimes your the bug' i don't have to do anything to her. God will take care of her. She doesn't know how 'lost' she is as it is by 'giving' and being 'kind' to those in need that you get blessed. 'You can't take it with you'. people wonder why they are depressed. It is how they live that makes them so.

My pets are 'my family',other than mom in home and I do my best for them and love them very much. When I ask for some help from those in community I live in,from people in better situations,working with friends,family and a car I get a slap in the face. No one does anything with me either as they are 'too good' to be my friend. All I can say is their loss.

Cairo is like many small towns in upstate NY. People came to and live here to be left alone and ran away from crime,pace and overpopulation of city. Sadly anything or anyone in a vacuum doesn't grow as humans were not made to be 'islands'. The 'townies' are ignorant,hostile,ultraconservative,narrow-minded and unfriendly. I say screw em. I walk with head phones on,do for self and amuse myself and do business else where. If you have a business,are looking for a nice community to live in, or looking to vacation in the 'Catskills' and shop,have lunch and chat some place with 'nice' people,,I'd say don't stop here.Why? The devil lurks here. He has many in bondage to sin and addiction. He is dancing leaping for joy in the streets of Cairo who has given up on itself and it's people within,especially those who make them look at themselves. They are deluded into thinking they are'good' and 'better than' the trashy people on welfare as they put it when they are worse as should know better than to act this way. 'If any man has strength let other light their candles to it'.

Isn't it ironic that Cairo got it's name from Cairo,Egypt, a city that enslaved many Jews. Cairo,NY is a reflection of this. Many of it's people are shackled in chains. Some are free but they are secret Christians too afraid to share their faith with others. God made this world,Jesus was born of Mary and died for us so we could be saved. He was the son of God and rose again. The Holy Spirit lives in each Christian so whom shall we fear?! No man or woman. 'greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world'. Today is a modern day version of Sodom and Gomora. People are doing what want and what feels good,ignoring the Bible and paying the ultimate price as they are growing further and further from God and his plan for them and following Satan instead. They might not be devil worshipers but a leapord has many spots and the devil can assume many forms in the prettiest and handsomest of faces and sweetest of voices saying what you want to hear. By reading the Bible,keeping in the word,applying it to your life,sharing it with others by attraction not promotion as Jesus did(if people didn't want it He moved on),you are obeying God. I am 'in the world but not of it'. Is why am not popular as am sharing something people don't want as they don't want to do what's best for them in the long run but rather pursue their selfish,carnal natures.


Raise Mental Health Awareness Today (May=Mental Health Month)

Raise Mental Health Awareness Today (May=Mental Health Month)
Why are there no runs for Mental Health?!


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