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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Not finding any place that will accept dogs, even

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service ones. Blatantly say on phone that no dogs allowed,even when say,not a pet. Illegal. Can go to human rights but don't have time for that when looking, unless. They can make them give me the apt. Don't take section 8 or person with disabilities either as state working people. Others want 3 months rent up front, rent,security,last month.

Don't have that  kind of money. I just keep looking daily but it looks bleak.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Harmony hills is not that harmonious

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This over-priced housing where the mills used to be on N. Mohawk st., is over-priced and ill-managed. many tenants I hear are unhappy. Complaints go unheard and they are blown off. Typical for people here who missed the class on how to treat people way like to be treated. The deluded ones here who are proud of their little city of horrors, thinks this place is great. i guess if you've lived in filth all your life, you can't smell the stench anymore.

For more on the unharmonious hills, click link below.

Oh, btw, if you don't like what write abut Cohoes and the many meanies and dummies who live here, skip my blog. If care to help me, look for a nice pace in Albany near Guilderland and I'll be gone in a flash. You will need to move me as well. You might try talking to and getting to know a person before bad mouth them. I have met many of you and you are nohing to write home about.

I keep my distance, just like you ignore me as I find you repulsive. 'people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones'..but..YOU throw BOULDERS!! hahhaha. oh yes i am sick and you are so well. you are in fact really really sick and vile. You hate your selves deep down when not hanging with people who say what want to hear. Yes you know what dirt bags you really are. you're ugliness emanates from every orifice.

Since came here, for the most part, never get any praise for art and jewelry, though it sells. How can people encourage others I guess who are so hateful and unhappy in own lives doing what hate if do anything at all.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Housing Discrimination Against People with Disabilities...

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I have been looking to no avail for housing. Generally the ads say that they want a working person. Does that mean seniors and people with disabilities are confined to housing through HUD that will accomodate them? I have several disabilities and have a service animal, dog. Manager said on last apt. called about, that he had to ask the landlord about the dog.

This is totally illegal.I do work part time per diem doing a variety of jobs when work is available. Sold a couple of pieces of my new sterling silver, never worn, jewelry for less than retail, today. Made $33, after debiting what spent for it. I also wrote an article, I hope to sell for an online service.  Will be at Tug boat Alley in Waterford in September.

I want to leave Cohoes as I find that downtown there is many stupid, uneducated, backward, ignorant, mean, angry, dysfunctional people. They like to take their misery out on others. I have had 13 people on a continual basis here make comments about me as walk down the street. I know I have problems but I have seeked therapy and attend support groups as I walk with God.

They are heathens who depend on selves. The are far from perfect and don't see how ridiculous and childish they appear as sit on their fat asses running their mouths, picking on people who are walking alone. I keep to self by choice as saw the way they act and want nothing to do with them. I encountered this stupidity when was a vendor at farmer's market here all summer too.

Every Friday when attended, same people talked crap about me. One was a woman in her sixties selling towels and things from foreign countries with her cronies. Event was a supposed to be handmade by crafters and artists. Since she and others, polluted the event, I sold whatever too along with my handmade jewelry and art prints.

There is plenty of abundance in the world and opportunity. There is no excuse to act this way and be jealous of another's success. I always sold there making between $50-100/week. I don't go to events here anymore as want nothing to do with them. I attend classier shows with nicer people.

Anyway..when look for housing, they don't take programs,including section 8 also which have. Only places that take it are in awful areas.  The nicer apartments want  $800 for a one bed room which is higher than can go with section 8. Says can look up to $700. So here I continue to live, hearing how my neighbors have to live near a 'lunatic' and the like.

It is unsettling. I feel like saying something but am outnumbered and best to just keep walking as do, doing what have to daily. Can't do anything unless put hands on me. So I wait and pray can get something soon.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Been awhile...

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Trust you've been well. What's new with me??

Well end of November found an apt. drafty,old building but have roof over head.

Was in art exhibit in Cohoes,NY at the 'Venue' through Donated one of my prints to charity promoting art in area. Currently teaching art class at library.

Will be in library art exhibit in April.

Midmay will be one of the vendors at Canal fest in Waterford,NY. Hope to get rid of flea market,yard sale items cluttering my home don't use. Selling used dvds,cds,jewelry,antique bottles and new handmade jewelry,art prints by me. So it's taking time but am doing something and slowly adapting to new environs. Am thinking of freelance writing online for money and tutoring grades 1-10 at library in group setting for $25/hr. individual,$10/hr. groups.

Saturday, November 08, 2014

Staying in room in Albany with my service dog....

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For $920. a month with all included.

Was in homeless shelter for two months prior as lost my housing. Friend had cats we share and then moved. In veteran's home, dropped them with me, landlord saw one, next was getting 30 day notice.Got very overwhelmed with all the changes. Am back on meds so doing better. Been looking six months for decent, affordable housing in Albany area in safe neighborhood. Am on disability so can't look for anything higher than $600,1 BR with closets so can get rid of storage locker, paying $65. a month on. I have service dog and a couple of E.A. cats that make it hard. They currently are in a rescue group being fostered.

Just got back in TBI program, as have head injury so hoping they can help get me a place, with my animals, get housing subsidy back.

Monday, May 19, 2014

apt. update..

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got attorney and adult protective services trying to find me a new place and an aide. lawyer has been talking to all parties involved. will see. reviews of campus view apts. where I live here. click to see what a dump it is. yesterday ha water leak in living ceiling and it got all over futon couch/bed soiling my clan bedding recently washed. neighbor said sorry but not compensated as said broke and no car to launder mess he made. blows. called on call number and never got call back, not even next day from building management. awful place.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Housing update..

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So despite all my trying to get my apt. up to snuff(friend from MA. made 4 trips to storage, took me to do 2 loads of wash, I patd neighbor $100. to clean for 10 hours!), it didn't pass HATAS'(homeless and traveler's aid) inspection. No specifics on what need to do to pass. They commented on kitchen table and items on it and below it. I said, have no shelving or closet to put them on or in. they didn't want to hear my 'excuses' and will not help move me as said should have been bagged up(all) not most of things. not what was told.  Had cat and no pets in lease. Am going to get doctor note need her. Also they won't ask Judd to stop eviction but are leaving me hanging but will pay subsidy while housed. Did my best and can do more when friend Bill comes next month on 6/4 before house inspection again by building dept. on the 9th. trying. legal aide takes my case on 5/14. My worker tells me landlord can do as pleases as his place. Not so if paid up and have another year on lease as I do! Tenants have rights too. Sad an agency like HATAS, that is designed to protect the poor, downtrodden, vulnerable, doesn't.

Their mission: to prevent homelessness, 'HATAS employs a holistic wrap-around approach in caring for our neighbors in need and we serve all persons with the dignity and respect that they deserve.'


Monday, May 05, 2014

Need to move again,ugh..

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Got 30 day notice from my slummy, landlord. See, I have a lot of things in my place so he says is a fire hazard. not really. Went and got a storage locker, put two car loads of things in it, had it professionally cleaned, straightened up for $80, friend's cat who was visiting and they complained about going, pick up after dog, they said don't so am trying. should have gotten a 10 day 'cure or quit' notice as paid up on rent and have another year on lease. May see a place today.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Latest Cairo,NY news....Police chief arrested for..

No spam. Thanks! Thanks Chris. Just what this little messed up town needed. Isn't it bad enough that it is known as a drug town with it's junkies and dealers?! Also is the armpit ogf Greene county with it's high unemployment,lack of job opportunities,uneducated citizens just lounging in front of the tv on the government dole all day. How disgraceful. Tons of slumlords too as have reported. This used to be a nice area where tourists used to vacation in the day if you can even imagine it. You can't now as businesses don't even want to open their doors here as noone buys anything from them except drugs,cigarettes,liquor. Now if you wanted to open a pot stand and sell your plants in your yard,this would be the town for you! If you are looking to come some place to eat or vacation,skip Cairo is all can say. Even with new library,they took out a million dollar loan for with money didn't have and the new expensive hannaford coming,sorry but true. SOO glad to be gone from here as yeh used to exist here.

Craigslist post..

No spam. Thanks! Most likely will be deleted but have link here Has got my goat again as see my exlandlored akama bergen is trying to rent her property and even sell it again and it is a dump. Her mo is is to fix it rent it and then once in does nothing.Know as lived there. avoid it is all can say. Would say stay clear of Cairo in general for the same reason if renting as many slumlords here. As per post... Reply [?] flag [?] : miscategorized prohibited spam best of Posted: 2013-03-24, 4:17AM EDT $500 / 500ft² - affordable,decent housing desired! (Cairo,NY) Slumlords galore here in good ol' Cairo. town does nothing to stop them. know as usedto live here. If poor,need housing that is cheap and there's the rub and doesn't exist. All find is rundown dumps as area was touristy and is no more and alot of these places abound and area is poor as little work so people aRE DESPERATE AND TAKE THEM. TOWN LOOKS Other way as in officials as think not their problem but is as depreciartes property values. even with new library and hannaford being built is still full of welfare and people don't buy so doesn't attract new business. knoqw as have one and hard to sell bread here. other slumlords here or just plain illegal ones are:perry holst and his unweatherized properties by the park,morgan krause and his eyesores on grove st.,john cassaluchi on route 84 by oneill's a dump,eva's farm,new owners still a dump,lake elissa,a dump and she makes a side business keeping your security deposits. Others don't rent to pet owners, even disabled ones with service dogs like claudia zucker and living structures and beth from there too a realtor who owns a property on grove st.. know as denied. another place on main the same thing. ugh.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Moved in but..

No spam,please. Thanks! still need my things from storage moved as waiting on moving company to get voucher saying being paid by dss so will do move. Picked it up today and left a message saying I have it to show them as need to pick me up as have key to storqage unit. Also getting copy of lease to show tIME WARNER CABLE FOR INTERNET AND TV CABLE FOR FREE AS included with rent. Hope to watch my housewives of beverly hills tonight! Friend brought over a few things that were at her home for me, Friday and some new things as well and housewarming gifts from people of our church which was nice and helpful.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

got my new place...

Small 1 BR with no closets but all included for $740. a month in Albany and subsidized by HATAS,homeless traveler's aide, so my share is $ 213. a month. It is quite small but is better than motel and unweatherized dump was in before with Akama the slumlord of Cairo,NY,Greene county. Shame on you is all can sy to her for not putting me up in motel while she made repairs. Sh evicted me as know and supposedly had place fixed after I left which was disgraceful. She did me a favor as got out of cairo which is a very economically depressed and depressing area! thanks Akama for being so mean. .

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Looked at a closet yesterday..

No spam. Thanks! or rather a studio apt the size of a closetZ! It was 8 x 10'. Saw another just as bad with no stove even for 590,other was 540 with all included. DSS says have to takwe whatever can get at this point. Was like climbing a ladder on the steps too. One was on the 2nd and the other was on the 3rd floor and narrow too,hard. Tomorrow look at place on allan st in Albany that is suppposedly less money,500 and bigger. Wish me luck.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Saturday, December 29, 2012


No spam. Thanks! Stuff thrown in yard that was left in place. Do hope friends were able to get before snow-damaged as tried to get out most things but no time and depended on kindness of others and their schedules sadly. Looking for housing still with little luck.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Need to go again as..

No spamming. Thanks! place didn't pass section 8 inspection. Got a flat,no,not even a chance to fix the problem with a 30 day letter as is the norm., Guess too much wrong with it and would take longer to fix. Blows as now lose housing subsidy waited years for.

Thursday, December 06, 2012

May be able to stay again now..

No spam,please. Thanks! provided she makes a few repairs and section 8 passes inspection there(have til dec. 11th til lose subsidy). Empower NY will insulate free as part of their program I qualify for as a poor,not her. Also COARC will come in and help keep place clean. Is a terrific offer am giving her but she says needs the weekend to think it over. Does anyone offer to do anything free for you? Answer me that.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

May be able to stay now..

No spam,please. If get section 8 aproval here. As is won't get it as walls have mold as are making me ill,sinuses congested chronically,due to roof damage from hurricane. Also place uninsulated. If she got new storm windows and fixed roof atleast it may pasws. This is good news as place looked at fell through as were uninsured.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Still here..

While I appreciate your comments to my posts, I would ask firstly that they pertain to topic and are not spam in nature. Thanks! Have found a place to live in E. Durham but have to wait for new landlords to send in paper work to section 8 and then they need to come out to see place before they release funds to supplement my rent there. Had to pay rent in full where am so broke now,even though have section 8 which really blows.
Listened to 'Occupy Wall st.' talk on radio today and see similarities with my situation when they speak of the trickle down effect of Wall street's capitalism and corporations on the little guy like me and how the movement is growing in momentum as more and more people across the US make the connection with what's going on there and with all of us and the recession and lay offs,evictions,foreclosures and the new face of poverty. I can definitely relate as am being threatened with eviction myself though my landlord doesn't want to have to go to court to get me out as costs money to get sheriff to come and out the process can be a lengthy one with no money interim. She has elected to wait on me to leave and bullied me for the full rent instead which though not thrilled with is better than what faced earlier with her as have a roof over my head. What about you? How is this effecting you if it is at all?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Snow Today and It's Almost May..

While I appreciate your comments to my posts, I would ask firstly that they pertain to topic and are not spam in nature. Thanks!

Yes it went down to the 30's last night here in Upstate NY, when it was 80 last week! Nuts.

On another crazy note..I will be moving again as my landlord is nutty,stupid,crazy and mean. After I moved the rest of my belongings in and after being at my new place for 2 months already, she informed me that she wanted me out. Her reason was I had too many belongings. She didn't even give me time to put them away. If I had the place would have been neater,cleaner and uncluttered. I even offered to get a shed to put some things in or a storage site which I did but no dice. I just spent money on phone and cable installation and moving and now had to rent a truck again to put my stuff in storage and rent a storage site too.

I am finding it hard what with pets to find anything decent. I also want a 1 BR apt/cottage for just me and my pets as my roomie is nutty,stupid,inconsiderate,sloppy,dirty,rude,etc. and I have had enough. I really tried to hang in there with him but I woke up to my coffee maker being destrroyed after he started a fire last night while he was cooking and lied to me about it as when I said I smelled something burning in the next room, he assured me all was well. This after he got in an accident with the truck rental and scraped the top fat a gas station awning, while I waited for him and a neighbor who was helping with the move, for two hours in a storage locker,freezing! I am tired of not knowing what he will do next and am sick of the insanity of him,my neighbors and my landlord. I am done.

This morning I responded to an ad for a caretaker in exchange for room and board as said pets ok, as I need to tak care of my mom to get her out of nursing home. She will have an aide for 4 hours daily and I could be helping the man who is a quadraplegic, then and watching my pets. I know it sounds like alot but rents are high in Westchester and my options are few. I am hoping my my will improve so I can get my own place with a subsidy toward rent for disabled like myself so this is temporary, I hope. Keep you posted..

Raise Mental Health Awareness Today (May=Mental Health Month)

Raise Mental Health Awareness Today (May=Mental Health Month)
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