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Monday, August 12, 2013

The best way to make money besides having a J-O-B ....

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Many web sites that promote traffic to clients' sites for a fee won't tell you like Linkreferral
is that there is an easier,more direct,cost effective way of doing the same thing that Google and Alexa don't mind. (as fake traffic or rather unnatural is unliked). It's called exchanging links with people who are either in the same field or share a like mindset to you.
You can even do it at a site like the one you find yourself on like EasyHits4u exchange links on our web sites,blogs,shared sites like facebook,google plus and twitter.
without  going against them by emailing back whoever emails you and asking to.

Other traffic catching ways to get traffic,not necessarily buying ones though as not targeted paid leads,sorry but true, are:  writing articles on topics you know something about like well let's see,making money and how to get traffic! Also having a web site that offers people something they want and need. Now it's time to ask yourself what do you have that people would want or rather pay for?! hmm. What unique set of skills do you possess that your competitors don't? let's face it for the most part you don't want people who are here as a customer or rather you won't get us as a client. Why? Because we are in the same boat as YOU! We are looking to make money,promote our own pages or find money on the net by trying some get rich quick scheme,which doesn't work(cause if it did everyone would be doing it. Why people usually keep what do,a 9-5 job,M-F. even if they despise it which most do.
Moving right long...Have you figured out what you do better than most people you know yet? Well..let me help you. I have a friend who has fallen for many schemes online,no other name for what they are. They promise a lot of fast money for little time or effort and don't deliver and he loses his disability check dollars each time sadly. The reality is there is no guaranteed money on the net except in porn. fact. The only definite money Is from your job you have now.

Now maybe you are asking yourself how is this helping me find out what I am good at? It isn't but was just a side bar to what am going to say about that same friend mentioned earlier. what he doesn't realize is that he has the power already to make all the money he will ever need in his lifetime. All he has to do  is do what he loves and it's not work and he will stick with it as it interests him and he is good at it too! Wild huh? Well in his particular case that is food and gardening or rather he likes to cook, I like to eat and eat what he cooks,lol and he enjoys gardening so he grows organic,let's be healthy,and then uses what he grows in green and fruit salads etc. He is even talking of expanding this concept into the public sector by selling firstly to his neighbors and then people he does biz with daily like Cumberland farms where he buys his soda and gas and Holiday where he buys his sandwiches for lunch,etc.!

This business angle will generate money faster than anything else you do. I am not saying sites like Easyhits4u aren't good at all. I am saying that this is the best way to make a good income. Theirs are great at getting untargeted traffic like at Trafficswarm 
of people in same set of circumstances who don't buy as yourself who you don't want or need in your life! Just my humble opinion. It is a fact that you get what you pay for in this life and if you don't buy it and it's free then it really doesn't have much value either.

Commenting in forums and other's blogs generates traffic and sometimes income when people buy after visiting your site,too!

like many people I have had many jobs and careers. The average person will try atleast 3 different careers in their life and move to 5 jobs. I am not average in anything I do so I have had more in 11. Several of them were my own start up businesses as I like many of you am an entrepreneur. That is where the money is today or rather the happiest earned buck. Don't get me wrong, entrepreneurship is not without it's risk and you will have to work harder than anyone else in your company as you are the one who cares the most. You may not even see a salary right off for a bit. Most companies go under the first year. If you do turn a profit and stick to it,you will succeed though in the long run but that is a story for another day. 

article by Ann Reilly. excerpt from this can be found at Easy Hits4u a traffic generating site for your biz under their Articles page.

                                                                                                                     Ann Reilly



Saturday, September 05, 2009

Entrecard Droppers (Entrecarders) BEWARE..

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I just spent $ 85. to have my computer repaired after fit caught a virus from a site I had dropped on. Yes I evenhad virus protection but..I got a popup saying I had a virus and my virus protection deleted it and then it came up agian and said did you want to delete it. I did but this time I did using the virus software by mistake unknowingly and it erased my virus protection! NUTS..Not sure why people do this. Guess they have nothing better to do' I can tell you that what with living on a disability check (not what I make being with Entrecard for sure..) or even from my business selling jewelry as is slow too..I'm not sure what blog had the malware on it butf''be careful is all i have to say.

I am disenchanted with Entrecard anyway now especially with the latest action by them of not crediting us for drops from visitors. I think this blows as people can only drop if you take the time to advertise which I do. Mind you I don't pay money for it but i do in time. From now on I willl be rarely visiting Entrecard as quite frankly, I can't afford it!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Entrecard ..'0ops you did it again' ..

you played with my heart..should be the theme song (you go Britney!), of this doomed company, me thinks and so do many if you read some posts about Entrecard, on the net. Ziprunner, like Graham langdon, sure knows how to piss people off! Maybe that is their strategy to create buzz?! dunno,don't care!

The latest screwy thing this company has done is to drop credits to blog owners when people drop on them so they get no credit to supposedly save Entrecard some money. How bogus! Why bother? What's in it for blog owners who are loyal to the company is the question..? Why don't they sell ad space to make money for their company like others have done? Supposedly they banned paid ads and paid credits and now I see them again. They say one thing and do another.

I stay and drop some,not alot as I have a life and i think the mad droppers are credited and their content sucks. Why not just write something worth while and share it on mutual blogs? Oh and have a real job that pays or make your money in the real world by designing something or being an artist or something.For many (Man this company blows.) Entrecard is becoming quickly a bitter pill that they don't really need to swallow at all!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

How I Get Traffic or Hits to MY Blog, Website,Make Good Money and Attract Loyal Readers and Buying Customers of my Product, Service..

'mob of potential loyal readers and customers to your blog,web site and or business'

Unless you are famous and or beautiful like Megan Fox as seen in this photo,
you may have to influence people a bit to come to your blog,unnaturally, contrary to Google or Alexa's wishes. Sorry guys but I speak the truth. Is what any business owner has done for decades any way by advertising. Oh an having beautful women on yor postpage doesn't hurt either! lol..Read more * (you can also enter the word traffic and simply read ALL my posts on this popular topic amongst bloggers or click here for the page of my blog posts written on 'traffic'!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Google Gift for 2009!

Ugh! They, yes Google..lowered my Page Rank down to a 1 from a 2! I guess I should be grateful it wasn't a 0 huh?! How about you?! How is your page rank?! My Alexa rank is better though..Is now about 400,000. Was at one point, 1 million, before I joined entrecard for social marketing and increasing my traffic to my blog! Linkreferral, an affilia marketing site, was who i used before and i never made one sale and only met other webmasters and online business owners there in the same boat as me! Who needs that!? I am also with easyhits4u but I don't notice any improvement with them. I go to different sites there daily too and supposedly they say I am getting traffic back but I find few people visit me from there or blogupp, another traffic inducing site! Again, for that, as I have written on before in my posts and on countless blogs and forums on the net, your best bet for increasing your traffic is to trade links with other sites and blogs you respect and frequent and post on the forums and these sites and blogs. Remember guys to ask these places and their webmasters to backlink to your page! Also please use keywords and Stumble anything you write on the web! Oh and don't forget to PING your blog so people know when you update it!

What we all need more than just aimless traffic and entrecard droppers who stay but 5 secs and go on to the next blog for nothing more than to do their dropping quota, so they are in the topspots on Entrecard for advertising purposes..(man that was a mouthful!), but anyway...What we really need is loyal readers who backlink to our blogs and buy our art in my case and jewelry and use our services, in my case pet tips as I am a pet pro and health advice as I am an alternative health practitioner. Here's to your Health and Wealth this New Year, everybody!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Internet Tools For Your Blog: The Linkreferral Concept

Internet Tools For Your Blog: The Linkreferral Concept

Now my take on LInkreferral, I do believe other opinions are welcome and can be of benefit as opposed to this one by it's site owner,omg! ha!!

linkreferral sucks! I made no money and wasted my time, in the two years I was there and the members are mean and give bad reviews and act like kids in the forum,ugh! To top it off the site owner asks for money for credit on the referrals he get from having his link on our sites,outrageous! Most affiliate programs pay you for that privilege. Contrary to what he claims, one needs money from targeted not untargeted traffic as that is who buys our products and utilizes our services. Aimless hits only increase perhaps page rank but even that is no measure of a site's genuine popularity as evidenced by it's daily fluctuation. There is even some who have been penalized by Adsense for having linkreferral affiliation as is coercing the public to visit one's sites unnaturally! You be the judge tho,visit linkreferral and see what you think! As contrary to it's site's owner's opinion of me, I don't slander people's sites! He on the other hand offers a slanted view of linkreferral by writing articles on the hubpages,squidoo,social marketing sites like bloglog and blogspot, all singing his praises and erases comments that disagree with him! That is not accurate reporting which shows both sides of the story. He is like Oprah who only invited Obama and not McCain! MLM's, surveys and most affiliate programs claim to induce traffic and offer fast easy money but..we all know that the only real money out there is from a JOB where unfortunately you need to work,spend time at and don't make a lot after taxes! Anything on the net is a fluke and added creme to one's pudding but no promise of a regular check. Sorry, but I speak the truth.

The only good way I know of how to get traffic is by commenting in forums and on web sites and blogs like this one and exchanging links with reputable web sites and other blogs! Google wants quality backlinks not junk and that is all link exchanges and viral programs like linkreferral offer. Who wants someone visiting for 5 seconds?! I'll take a buyer any day over that and if you too want this you will be best served by avoiding Linkreferral and other link exchanges as they quite simply SUCK!


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Raise Mental Health Awareness Today (May=Mental Health Month)

Raise Mental Health Awareness Today (May=Mental Health Month)
Why are there no runs for Mental Health?!


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