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Friday, May 08, 2015

Reiki & Chakra Jewelry to Heal what Ails you

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I recently learned how to do reiki, also known as energy healing. Reiki, comes from the Japanese word, 'rei' which means life and 'ki' which is energy. This means life energy. Reiki is a healing practice from Japan. I already make reiki, healing jewelry, made of gemstones, so, this is a natural progression, the energy work.

 Reiki as well as the stones are for healing the energy fields, known as chakras, of your body. There are 9 chakras, symbolized by different colors, stones,  parts of the body being healed. The first is red. Garnet is used for 'grounding'. This means to keep your feet on the ground so are level-headed. Coral is used if you are too grounded, as it lets some creativity in. The part of your is along your knees. Just lay yourhands on your knees and accept the healing energy from God.

 Chakra 2 is orange. Carnelian, sandstone, amber are the stones used to bring energy into the body. The lower abdomen is the area being healed, dealing with the sex organs. Symbolizes life. Again you place your hands on your lower abdomen.

The third chakra is yellow. Citrin, tiger's eye, calcite are the stones used for healing the nervous system. The abdomen is the area for healing. Yellow chakra symbolizes the mind which is for wisdom but can also be full of terror. Reiki healing for the 4th chakra is green. Adventurine, jade and malakite are stones used for healing the heart. It also can help heal relationships.

 4th chakra is green. Adventurine and jade are used to heal the heart and to bring healing into relationships. Increases self esteem and love also.

Chakra 5 is blue. Lapis and turquoise are used to heal the throat. Also helps to control what say. The tongue can be a blessing and a curse. Reiki in this area helps you improve your communication with others.

The 6th chakra is indigo. Fluorite, soladite and rose quartz are meditation stones to help you gain spirituality. The area being healed is a little above between your eyes, known as the 'third eye'. Cupping hands over the eyes,sinuses and cheeks heals this area. This is good if have sinus problems too. Yes, once learn the reiki technique, you can practice the method on yourself, without paying a reiki master!

Chakra 7 is purple. Amethyst is used to help our crown of your head or your mind. Yes, it aids in emotional and mental disturbance.

Ying and yang are black and white or good and bad and onyx for strength and quartz for air clearing are used. Hematite also wards off negativity fom others and self.

Give this reiki treatment a go and let me know how it works for you! Also feel free to visit my shop on square and etsy. links are on this blog, to buy the reiki, balancing and chakra jewelry.

Click link to see a free demonstration of reiki so you can learn it an heal yourself too.


Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Flea Market was a Bust,Thanks for nothing Carol and Chamber of Commerce of Cairo,NY

While I appreciate your comments to my posts, I would ask firstly that they pertain to topic and are not spam in nature. Thanks!.

Attended flea market in Cairo, NY for the first and last time apparently this season. Carol from Chamber of Commerce here asked for $20 from me to sell at school lawn,when last year she said if there was space I didn't have to pay if space,as I said on disability. There was plenty of space as not many buy here so less vendors come. She said 'You pulled the same thing last year and don't come back next week'. I said she said could last year to which she said she didn't. I then said 'fine., not like make anything here anyway'. Maybe I'm crazy but isn't it the Chamber of Commerce's job to promote people,businesses and in my case artists who create jewelry and art here in the Hudson Valley so people can buy here to better the economy? Instead I was oppressed once again here and 'beaten down' and not encouraged,supported,praised for my work.(No one sells jewelry but me in Cairo) They charge a fee to join I can't pay. The 'youth fair' is $40 to sell there for one day. I only sold $ 40 last year and then fee had to be deducted from it so not worth my time. I sat in a hot tent for hours. Crazy! Then they wonder why many drink,drug,sell drugs in this town, when they don't support the poor to better selves creatively as am creative but infact look the other way,ignore them as if they will just go away, as not their problem when in fact is everyone's problem. Is a cold way to live not to care about your neighbor,especially when he or she has fallen beside you and yo can help in a small,simple way by giving a smile,a hello,not working against them but helping them get out of the pit of 'despair' they find selves in. At least I try and don't sit on butt watching soap operas feeding my face complaining about things and feeling sorry for myself.

I comfort self in knowing not all see things as I do so I can let anger and them go and move on. I work a 12 step program. I think everyone needs a program to 'deal' now a days with others so don't 'personalize' what do and say as is just them. Many are 'rude,crude and inconsiderate' now and just think of selves. The pathetic thing in this is that when you' think about self all the time,you don't think much of your self'. All they have is their bitterness as they are devoid of love and God. I pray i never get like this.

Today although had a straw hat on,bottled water and a portable fan,felt my body over heating due to the sun as was out in the open as was shady in morning when got there but then wasn't. I left as felt ill. Unlike many other vendors there, I had no awning and large table. Mine is home as can't carry it myself so walked there pushing a cart with chair,small table and product selling in a knapsack on my back. Do what have to do. everyone's situation is different.Can clearly see my situation is different than the rest there. She says 'others pay so can't just let me not or others won't want to either'.She seems miserable,angry and wants to make others feel the same. I will pray for her and the others in this town like her who don't have any sense of decency or 'heart'. They do nothing for you but work against you and talk about you within eAR SHOT. tHE MEN ARE LIKE 'WASH WOMEN' AND THE WOMEN BEHAVE LIKE 'OVERGROWN CATTY BRATS'. 'Some times your the wind shield sometimes your the bug' i don't have to do anything to her. God will take care of her. She doesn't know how 'lost' she is as it is by 'giving' and being 'kind' to those in need that you get blessed. 'You can't take it with you'. people wonder why they are depressed. It is how they live that makes them so.

My pets are 'my family',other than mom in home and I do my best for them and love them very much. When I ask for some help from those in community I live in,from people in better situations,working with friends,family and a car I get a slap in the face. No one does anything with me either as they are 'too good' to be my friend. All I can say is their loss.

Cairo is like many small towns in upstate NY. People came to and live here to be left alone and ran away from crime,pace and overpopulation of city. Sadly anything or anyone in a vacuum doesn't grow as humans were not made to be 'islands'. The 'townies' are ignorant,hostile,ultraconservative,narrow-minded and unfriendly. I say screw em. I walk with head phones on,do for self and amuse myself and do business else where. If you have a business,are looking for a nice community to live in, or looking to vacation in the 'Catskills' and shop,have lunch and chat some place with 'nice' people,,I'd say don't stop here.Why? The devil lurks here. He has many in bondage to sin and addiction. He is dancing leaping for joy in the streets of Cairo who has given up on itself and it's people within,especially those who make them look at themselves. They are deluded into thinking they are'good' and 'better than' the trashy people on welfare as they put it when they are worse as should know better than to act this way. 'If any man has strength let other light their candles to it'.

Isn't it ironic that Cairo got it's name from Cairo,Egypt, a city that enslaved many Jews. Cairo,NY is a reflection of this. Many of it's people are shackled in chains. Some are free but they are secret Christians too afraid to share their faith with others. God made this world,Jesus was born of Mary and died for us so we could be saved. He was the son of God and rose again. The Holy Spirit lives in each Christian so whom shall we fear?! No man or woman. 'greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world'. Today is a modern day version of Sodom and Gomora. People are doing what want and what feels good,ignoring the Bible and paying the ultimate price as they are growing further and further from God and his plan for them and following Satan instead. They might not be devil worshipers but a leapord has many spots and the devil can assume many forms in the prettiest and handsomest of faces and sweetest of voices saying what you want to hear. By reading the Bible,keeping in the word,applying it to your life,sharing it with others by attraction not promotion as Jesus did(if people didn't want it He moved on),you are obeying God. I am 'in the world but not of it'. Is why am not popular as am sharing something people don't want as they don't want to do what's best for them in the long run but rather pursue their selfish,carnal natures.


Monday, August 24, 2009

My new jewelry and paintings..

The jewelry was made wih beer bottle caps. It includes a necklace,cuff bracelet and earrings. On the necklace i added gemstones oo. i use plyers to push them down and then paint them and add a liquid finish of glass..Also added sprinklers adn nail polish.

Lattershots are edited with my copyright business name, artzstuf.

The two paintings are water color of park in CAiro, NY that i live near. What do you think?!

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Green tea oil diffuser

Went to New Paltz, a college town as they have the SUNY, state university of New York there, today selling jewelry. Walked all over but made $30 so was something atleast. I did not do as well as hoped but then I didn't have an appointment anywhere not for lack of trying though as tried to set one or two up before left but they weren't interested. I had a nice day of it though and stopped and did some shopping too. I went to two health food stores where I bought some nice smelling soap and to Peter Harris, a store that sells designer clothing for less. I used to work at one so I know what they carry and is nice. I got a couple of pretty pair of pants, a top and 2 oil diffusers. One will sell but I will keep the one that smells of green tea oil.

A couple of stores had expressed interest but said make an appointment as they were too busy now to see me. That is promising so...I will contact them and let them see my web site of jewelry and if they like anything I can ship it to them.

Saturday, May 31, 2008


I just went to a health store yesterday and bought some oils for air and body,soaps and massage oil so I can make up some massage oil and scented water bottles and spritzes for air and body, such as rose water and rose massage oil to sell online and to my clients at flea markets and also to merchants.

I put some on my dog and she seemed to destress and like it.

I am working hard at getting healthier as I think along with feeling better it is a sign of self love and respect for my body and self to do this and give myself this gift.

I made $ 65 yesterday selling my jewelry and then spent $ 125 on product. I was counting on making another $ 50 from a store but she decided not to buy. I still have an order tho to fill on some other stuff she asked for tho which is ok as I have a bill to pay this month that is high. ugh! Oh well it's part of being a responsible adult to pay one's bills and I will feel good when I have done it and gotten this one out of the way.

I go to New Paltz next week to sell so I am hoping I do well. I was supposed to do a flea market today but the weather here isn't good so I will save my $ would have spent on a fee and will just run some errands and fill my orders I have already. So ..what you up to today?!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Chakra jewlery

I am a jewelry designer and artist. My jewelry is of gem stones and precious metal as well as copper which is a conductor of energy,chi. The gem stones have healing properties for the one who wears the jewelry like adventurine the green chakra is good to offset creativity for good yin yang balance and to calm one. More on this can be found here Just scroll down page and read under gem stones. :)

If one goes to this link one will find some info on aromatherapy also which I practice to calm me and maintain good emotional/mental health which is very important to enjoy one's life. cheers! :) -Ann

Raise Mental Health Awareness Today (May=Mental Health Month)

Raise Mental Health Awareness Today (May=Mental Health Month)
Why are there no runs for Mental Health?!


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