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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Pumpkin fest coming to Cohoes

spam deleted. Thanks! 'here's to your health!' Pumpkin fest coming. Is same as fall fest. Won't be able to afford to be in again as want 60 for vendor spot. Claim costs a lot to hold.I am just trying to sell what bought, made. Gave and threw away alot sadly as no room. More vendors get, cheaper fee should be. Costs are band, $500, flyers, sign, $50. Done. Way i see it. Vendors, food, crafters, free as pay shop, town for spot. Makes no sense. Full. On wait list when have whole street of room. Again select few can profit here. Same ol'. Say how are trying to attract artists, biz, people here to help town but then squash dreams likes bug. Help selves only. I vend alone with cart. No car, help, cash as on disability. Is a shame how many here are so selfish, cold, unfeeling. Have own, heck with you. Did flea market last week. Dragged cart and duffel bag home by my self. Vendors there saw me and just hopped in cars. Gross come t on life here and vending. No sense of community here at all.

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Art Co op coming to Cohoes if..

spam deleted. Thanks! 'here's to your health!' I can get some artists to commit selves to it. Need to split heat, electric, rent. No hiring of staff, buying product needed as artists can sell own creations. Co op keeps 35% of what artists earn OK. IF anyone interested, email me. Will be open daily. . silo photo I took.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Depressed towns and cities like Cohoes could use artists to help revitalize communities..

spam deleted. Thanks! 'here's to your health!' Artists think out of the box and are ofcourse creative. Can help solve town's ills by offering life through displaying their art. 'I made this.' Beacon, Poughkeepsie and now Kingston beginning to flourish with artists and arts to turn troubled cities around. read more here

Sunday, June 04, 2017

Free college tuition now at CUNY and SUNY....

spam deleted. Thanks! 'here's to your health!' Needless to say, I am going back to school lol! I never dismiss a bargain. Will take some art classes, painting, drawing, sculpture and writing, creative writing for owners. I will also get to use the pool free as a student and will get a free bus pass to boot! For all who are doing nothing, I suggest you get on board and take some classes too. Maybe you could do a internship together so get experience to land a job. Just an idea. Can't imagine it is fun living on just welfare or social security administration don't get enough to enjoy a good life.

Monday, May 29, 2017

We need to learn..from how other towns and businesses do things to grow

spam deleted. Thanks! 'here's to your health!' I enjoy watching CNBC network and shows like The: Deed, Partner, Profit and Cleveland Hustles. Being an entrepreneur, I appreciate this small biz spirit and am trying to learn how they can help me. Cleveland is alot like other cities in trouble due to the economy, downsizing, outsourcing and foreclosures and the social ills that go along with it like crime, alcoholism, drug addiction, homelessness and mental illness. Detroit, Newark, New Orleans also come to mind. Some see opportunity where others see failure. The same can be said for Cohoes. What can we do to revitalize this town? How can we get everyone to care about where live, even if don't own but rent? As have said before, everyone here needs to be considered and not just those fortunate enough to have good jobs, successful, profitable businesses,supports such as good friends and close-knit ties like family and not just a select few? How do we encourage people to get involved in bettering Cohoes? How do we get public officials to care about the constituents they are supposed to serve and not just look at their positions as jobs? Is common for politicians to support the interests of those who got them elected. Often their campaigns are supported by the wealthy, comfortable with some pull and not the little guy. However the poor are a very real part of the land scape of many a small struggling community like Cohoes. Helping all is what we mean by community. Instead of the usual bitcch session of complaints, I am offering answers here. Let's see what other towns are doing to help their communities and learn from them to help our own. One way to grow is to support small, new businesses and future entrepreneurs as well. Training young people to learn a trade is vital. Creating an incubator and pilot program here for the city so can change for the better is a real possibility and necessity here. As Harry Milk said "You got to give them hope". Hope is what is needed here in Cohoes to see it great again or at least better. Yeh, I'll take better!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

City of Cohoes Neglects their other Grave Yard...

spam deleted. Thanks! 'here's to your health!' Founding fathers years ago made deal with the town of Half Moon to use some of their land for burial plots behind the cemetary there. They were supposed to pay them $20 a month and to maintain the grounds. Neither happened apparently and now the graves are in the woods and covered with weeds. It is disgraceful and a slam in the face to those poor souls buried there. For such a minimal fee, you would think the town would stand up to the plate and do the right thing. Apparently not. Claims too many problems larger here than to do this.Read more on this here

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Zombie Property Next Door

spam deleted. Thanks! 'here's to your health!' Old abandoned building next door has siding, brick hanging off the side facing Remsen, a highly trafficked street with stores on it.It is your typical zombie property,aka a rundown abandoned building in an area with businesses and homes in it. Such eyesores are dangerous and reduce property values.Moving forward,Cuomo has presented a new iniative to help rehab such places and assist owners pending foreclosure. What is asked is that we call 800 number to report when we see such places. If see such a place,call to improve your area today. More on zombie properties here and what you can do to help where you live.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Small Shops help Fill Shopping Void in Cohoes

spam deleted. Thanks!
'here's to your health!' Although at one time, there were many shopping options in Cohoes, in the last fifteen years or so, that no longer is the case. Known for being an ol' mill town, Cohoes boasted of it's men's and ladies clothing stores, bakery, shoe store, diner, movie theater, milliners, shoe repair, toy, children's clothing, department,stationery, stores, mini outlet mall,etc. With the birth of Walmarts and Sam's clubs, the landscapes of many a small town across the United States likeCohoes, changed drastically. Mom and Pop shops that had weathered many a storm through the years, fell in the face of outscourcing, corporate downsizing,alternate transportaion,vacation options and global warming. Now urban blight, empty strip malls and abandoned, ill maintained store fronts are the norm. What once was the train station, has been replaced by the current OTB. Former churches, once frequented by the faithful, are now either empty or being used for some other purpose, due to decline of parishioners. The library site is what used to be a church. The Venue is an art gallery space that was also a church. The bakery, which was a hub of activity where people went to catch up with the goings on as well as for a loaf of bread, has since burned to the ground in 2006. The family who ran it, didn't rebuild. All along Main street, one can find condemned, foreclosed on properties. Absentee landlords are the norm. Sidewalks are left covered in snow, ice with no salt or sand put down. As I walk my dog,I have fallen twice as slippery and dangerous. Is just a lawsuit waiting to happen as cheaper to maintain than pay in court. Landlords get away with it as is business as usual despite the promises of the new,ineffective mayor. Old Victorian burned, damaged home on Bridge street, stands teetering on the hill as one enters Cohoes. An eye sore if there ever was one. Empty store fronts line Remsen still despite alleged urban renewal claims. Many store owners have little incentive to invest in this troubled,dying town. Young people tend to leave once grown rather than reinvest in their community. The hardware store closed last year as owner retired. Noone bought the space so we have no hardware store now. Yes one can get a few screws and nails at Family Dollar but, selection is minimal. Table and Chairs furniture just went out a few months back. 30% poverty rate is a staggering statistic here well above the national average. Area is being called Appalachia now. There are some places to eat here though such as House of Pizza, Subway, Burger King and Dunkin Donuts. The Falls are a tourist attraction eventhough there is nowhere for visitors to stay what with the hotel being closed. In it's defunct space are plans for a high income high rise for the chosen few. The Mercantile next door to there is a gift shop with some clothes, hand made soap, cremes but most of it's items are pricey, from China and unecessary. Marras', drug store, that has more than a pharmacy has been around for ages. Family also owns the funeral home. Town has a florist, rug store, hair salon, jeweler, bike and antique shop too. Music Hall has live entertainment from time to time but few I know go as can't pay. Churches hold bazaars and sell items a couple of times a year. One can get books to read, DVDs to rent at the library. Vendors line the street selling their wares fall and winter too. Those willing to drive, go to malls in neighboring towns to shop or online as not much here anymore. History of town dates back to the revolution. Mastedon bones were found during the building of the dam even. Despite it's image being tarnished,Cohoes has held on. When walking down it's cobble stone streets, one can't help but fall in love with it's many brown stone beautiful buildings in the historic district. There remains still a charm here, if you take the time to look. Thankfully there are still some shops here that have listened to the consumer and have attempted to fill their needs. They have considered the demographic here, which consists downtown of a large population of people on the government rolls. Based on buying trends they have opted to sell low cost,new or gently used product, they can afford to buy. This increases local commerce and creates a vibrant, happier community, where all can buy and not just those with good jobs and money. Stores like Family Dollar, CVS and Rite Aid anchor the town, along the Mohawk and Hudson rivers, along the Erie canal. They supply cheap house hold items, clothing, shoes, food and of course medicine. They sell over the counter drugs too. The Peltier House has been restored to it's former glory, off White St amist smaller, newer homes. One can buy dollar used DVDs at A Little of This An That on Main and Columbia streets. At Faye's Fabulous Finds, one can find nice used furniture, clothes, shoes and hand bags, lots of bags! Barry's thrift on Remsen has collectibles and the odd item you didn't know you needed, for less like a cell phone speaker, requiring no wires! The Community Closet, also on Remsen, has used clothing for a steal. It is run by the local church and items are sold by donation. In fact it is not unheard of to get a coat for a buck there! Mimi's Elegance Boutique is the only real ladies clothing store in town. It has some nice new dresses,including designer for a very good price. One can get a marked down from $140. Calvin Klein dress for just $35! The dress sizes range fro 1 and up. When I was there I found some 16's but no 18's yet which is what I wear. In the back of the shop, is a hair salon. They split the space which saves them money. I saw handmade jewelry too. With the dresses were a few hand bags. In a city with so many social problems, it is refreshing to see some shops and their owners changing with the times so they don't become dinosaurs like their previous neighbors. Many are reselling used product for reuse, rather than using new resources, which is called upcycling. This cuts down on what ends up at exhausted landfills, so it helps the environment too, besides saving seller, buyer money. Is a win, win situation as seller makes money off what would end up being thrown away, other wise. Most people need to watch what they spend now a days so here they save money. This is why thrift stores have become so popular, as well as yard sales and flea markets. People are looking to save or get a bargain. Cohoes, now has become a part of this new trend, embracing the old. All I can say is , way to go guys! thanks for offering us some affordable, yet nice shopping in Cohoes once again!

Sunday, July 03, 2016

Absentee, Bad Landlord Chris Messina wants me out...

spam deleted. Thanks! 'here's to your health!'

I got  hit in the side of my head last Wednesday eve, june 22, 2016 with the front door to my building have an apt. renting at. I have a concussion. Let landlord know. Asked that he fix door that hasn't shut in weeks. He sad shuts fine and would get to it in order of priority. Tells me if outside to stand or sit away from it when step is by it!

That is when called Code Enforcement and complained. Guess they called him as door was fixed the end of that day. Three business days later, i received a 60 day notice to vacate the apartment have. Retaliation? You bet! He lives in Schenectady with his mommy and daddy though is about 40. Only time comes to property is to get rent or fix apt on top floor he plans to live in at some point.

When I got injured, I had just swept stairs,halls, as got sick of seeing the dust balls as he never does them,cut the hedges,pulled weeds,painted pillar fell over last year and got two black eyes as landed on my face(told him needed to be painted and he did nothing). I am the only one who brings in the garbage pail and recyclable bins,shuts off lights and lets him know if something happens or if a repair is needed.

Yes it makes perfect sense that i should be the one being thrown out,smirk. Meanwhile i have neighbors down stairs with two pit bulls. one leaps against door daily as pass with my dog. Recently the big brute almost got through a window that had plexiglass in it. half of his body was out trying to get at my elderly dog. Told landlord who didn't return my call. Neighbors down stairs left window bent.

I called animal control as didn't want my dog bit and window was fixed. Pilot light went out in my apartment and I had no heat the first day got cold this past winter. landlord didn't come out and help me until next evening even though had been upstairs for hours. let me freeze. Place is uninsulated so can't shower in winter but have to quickly hand wash at sink.

His father said can't do repairs with me there but can when am gone and then can raise rent. Part of why wanted me out. Rent is $550 and i have section 8. My advocate and lady from Section 8 won't be back until Tuesday. Hope can work with him while I look for a place to give me time. Also would like to hear why he wants me gone.

He had said I should have asked him before put yellow paint on small step and pillars that go to ankle and knee. Also said I needed to move my bike,cart use to walk from by stairs. Yes all of a sudden such an issue. I brought other things up to apartment but that. My head hurts. Anyways, been looking but landlords don't return my calls or emails. Am worried will end up in homeless shelter again with bullying sociopaths, like last time. Made me very symptomatic.

Mayor Shawn Morse recently spoke that Cohoes was on it's way to becoming an 'all American town'. To be an 'All American', it needs to serve all it's citizens,, not just those with good jobs and some money. Some work but are poor. Sadly can't afford to live in nice housing but are decent,law abiding people who are quiet and don't cause trouble.

Due to plans for economic development, Shawn's view was things are improving For some they are. For others it's business as usual. I have sold my jewelry and gently used items at events in the past here until I was bullied by grown women and their gossip They were other vendors. Many in this town are equally mean and do the same thing, even though don't know me and all i do. listen to here say. Fear and then anger permeate this town like a cancer.

It is for these reasons, i didn't pursue getting a vendor license at city hall, but went to other events out of town,write on line, do private sale and ebay. of course not all are like this here. If you want this town to be better than it's inhabitants need an attitude adjustment. 'Idleness is the devil's play ground'. Many here have way too much time on their hands to being taken other people's inventory. Live and let live. mind my biz are great AA slogans that apply to all. I keep to self and ignore them as like gnats. Negative and do nothing with selves.

Side walks need paving and cleaning as do streets and of course lower rents on Remsen to attract business. Making Cohoes a town that wecomes all and not just WHITE people who fit the status quo, would greatly improve it and make it 'All American'. Until that day comes, the poor reputation of Cohoes will remain just as the rude,ignorant,mean people who are here.

Update since this post on housing in Cohoes. Still in this town but moved to 25 Columbia st. next to laundry mat. Bugs and bad nisy neighbors in building.for months land lord matt did nothing but get rent. typical. now one bad egg going. notice dumpsters around as have t evict tenants , gut, get new ones, repeat as don't screen. ugh. waste money, time. high recidivision rate.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Stigma of not disabled but people with disabilities

spam deleted. Thanks! 'here's to your health!'

The latter terminology is more empowering as not a label.

Schumer is proposing new bill against discrimination but integration instead. Good luck. Stigma is alive and well.

Boy bullied at school gets punished.

If  different in some way, doesn't stop when an adult. I am ignored, avoided, laughed and gossiped about in a bullying fashion as is many against one. Alone they say nothing. Many bullies were bullied and have mental illnesses themselves. i love me and walk with God. All they have is the Devil. Who should I fear?

'We do not wrestle with flesh and blood but the principalities of darkness'

The Devil is operating in them. I rather be with my dog than with any of them. They stick together as don't know a better way to  live and speak. That is how get attention and feel better about them selves by putting someone else down. Has been this way since came here a year and a half ago.

I write for money online, sell jewelry for private sale, am on ebay selling, am a vendor when is one even can get to and host provides me with chair and table. Also have sold gold and silver to jeweler and antique shops got from estate and yard sales. Am referred to as retarded,slow and nuts. Does that seem like the behavior of a nut?

I think the nut is someone who sits around and runs his or her mouth doing nothing with his life.
I live daily with chronic pain in back and knee and the repercussions of two car accidents where I had concussions. Now  live with several symptoms daily like short attention span,anger issues,anxiety,sadness,lack of motivation,poor organizational skills,trouble focusing and completing a task. Have to push self. I can't bend repeatedly or lift or am in extreme pain.

I have no reliable home care as used agency that sent me incompetent staff. Family and old friends have deserted me. I  have to let things go in my apartment and do them when able. Seldom do I go far except to doctor and therapy appointments(P/T,talk therapy,GP) I wonder how happy you'd be if this was your life?!




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Friday, June 17, 2016

Harmony hills is not that harmonious

spam deleted. Thanks! 'here's to your health!'

This over-priced housing where the mills used to be on N. Mohawk st., is over-priced and ill-managed. many tenants I hear are unhappy. Complaints go unheard and they are blown off. Typical for people here who missed the class on how to treat people way like to be treated. The deluded ones here who are proud of their little city of horrors, thinks this place is great. i guess if you've lived in filth all your life, you can't smell the stench anymore.

For more on the unharmonious hills, click link below.

Oh, btw, if you don't like what write abut Cohoes and the many meanies and dummies who live here, skip my blog. If care to help me, look for a nice pace in Albany near Guilderland and I'll be gone in a flash. You will need to move me as well. You might try talking to and getting to know a person before bad mouth them. I have met many of you and you are nohing to write home about.

I keep my distance, just like you ignore me as I find you repulsive. 'people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones'..but..YOU throw BOULDERS!! hahhaha. oh yes i am sick and you are so well. you are in fact really really sick and vile. You hate your selves deep down when not hanging with people who say what want to hear. Yes you know what dirt bags you really are. you're ugliness emanates from every orifice.

Since came here, for the most part, never get any praise for art and jewelry, though it sells. How can people encourage others I guess who are so hateful and unhappy in own lives doing what hate if do anything at all.

Why People are mean to certain people...

spam deleted. Thanks! 'here's to your health!'

I keep to self, do own thing and mnd my business. Since came to Cohoes, a small city in upsate NY, have encountered down right hostility in my direction from complete strangers never had any dealings with. I have the pleasure of hearing daily how 'noone likes her', 'she's crazy i heard', 'retarded'.  I happen to have a high school degree and work from home.

I get paid to write articles online sell on Ebay, sell my jewelry privately, do the occasional vendng at local fairs and flea markets. These people sit o their ever expanding butts and run the gums daily spewing lies and gossip about someone they don't know.

Perhaps how I live is not main stream and they are jealous. i am not married, have no kids and work on own when like. They instead must live in the beds they made and hate it. Are miserable beings. I like and love me and I don't care for them or their ways. When they lauh at me, etal., show how dumb they are.

I walk with my head held hie and do daily, enjoying my life. I find it a blessing these people are not in my life. I am a loner and prefer my dog's and my own company to anyone else's. Below is a link that helps explain why people you don't know and never did anything to may act mean to you.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Housing Discrimination Against People with Disabilities...

spam deleted. Thanks! 'here's to your health!'

I have been looking to no avail for housing. Generally the ads say that they want a working person. Does that mean seniors and people with disabilities are confined to housing through HUD that will accomodate them? I have several disabilities and have a service animal, dog. Manager said on last apt. called about, that he had to ask the landlord about the dog.

This is totally illegal.I do work part time per diem doing a variety of jobs when work is available. Sold a couple of pieces of my new sterling silver, never worn, jewelry for less than retail, today. Made $33, after debiting what spent for it. I also wrote an article, I hope to sell for an online service.  Will be at Tug boat Alley in Waterford in September.

I want to leave Cohoes as I find that downtown there is many stupid, uneducated, backward, ignorant, mean, angry, dysfunctional people. They like to take their misery out on others. I have had 13 people on a continual basis here make comments about me as walk down the street. I know I have problems but I have seeked therapy and attend support groups as I walk with God.

They are heathens who depend on selves. The are far from perfect and don't see how ridiculous and childish they appear as sit on their fat asses running their mouths, picking on people who are walking alone. I keep to self by choice as saw the way they act and want nothing to do with them. I encountered this stupidity when was a vendor at farmer's market here all summer too.

Every Friday when attended, same people talked crap about me. One was a woman in her sixties selling towels and things from foreign countries with her cronies. Event was a supposed to be handmade by crafters and artists. Since she and others, polluted the event, I sold whatever too along with my handmade jewelry and art prints.

There is plenty of abundance in the world and opportunity. There is no excuse to act this way and be jealous of another's success. I always sold there making between $50-100/week. I don't go to events here anymore as want nothing to do with them. I attend classier shows with nicer people.

Anyway..when look for housing, they don't take programs,including section 8 also which have. Only places that take it are in awful areas.  The nicer apartments want  $800 for a one bed room which is higher than can go with section 8. Says can look up to $700. So here I continue to live, hearing how my neighbors have to live near a 'lunatic' and the like.

It is unsettling. I feel like saying something but am outnumbered and best to just keep walking as do, doing what have to daily. Can't do anything unless put hands on me. So I wait and pray can get something soon.

Sunday, June 07, 2015

Will be at Farmer's Market in Cohoes Ny Friday

Spam deleted. Thanks! 'here's to your health!' June 12th. thru October 7the 2015. I will be selling my art prints, handmade reiki, chakra jewelry and some items from NY like antique bottles dug up and cleaned. Hope to see you there I have made quite a few new jewlry pieces like gemstone necklaces, earrings, bracelets and pendants.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Been awhile...

spam deleted. Thanks! 'here's to your health!'

Trust you've been well. What's new with me??

Well end of November found an apt. drafty,old building but have roof over head.

Was in art exhibit in Cohoes,NY at the 'Venue' through Donated one of my prints to charity promoting art in area. Currently teaching art class at library.

Will be in library art exhibit in April.

Midmay will be one of the vendors at Canal fest in Waterford,NY. Hope to get rid of flea market,yard sale items cluttering my home don't use. Selling used dvds,cds,jewelry,antique bottles and new handmade jewelry,art prints by me. So it's taking time but am doing something and slowly adapting to new environs. Am thinking of freelance writing online for money and tutoring grades 1-10 at library in group setting for $25/hr. individual,$10/hr. groups.

Raise Mental Health Awareness Today (May=Mental Health Month)

Raise Mental Health Awareness Today (May=Mental Health Month)
Why are there no runs for Mental Health?!


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