Saturday, October 17, 2015

Look for me at Harvest fest in Cohoes...

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I will be selling my art prints, hand made jewelry, flea market, quality, used items such as dvds, cds, jewelry plus new sterling silver 925 jewelry at bargain prices!

Event date is 10/24/15. Location: Remsen St., street fest, Don, email

facebook: spindlesonremsen

We will have crafters, artists, vendors, food, farmers with fresh vegetables, fruit, live music.

Sunday, June 07, 2015

Will be at Farmer's Market in Cohoes Ny Friday

Spam deleted. Thanks! 'here's to your health!' June 12th. thru October 7the 2015. I will be selling my art prints, handmade reiki, chakra jewelry and some items from NY like antique bottles dug up and cleaned. Hope to see you there I have made quite a few new jewlry pieces like gemstone necklaces, earrings, bracelets and pendants.

Friday, May 08, 2015

Reiki & Chakra Jewelry to Heal what Ails you

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I recently learned how to do reiki, also known as energy healing. Reiki, comes from the Japanese word, 'rei' which means life and 'ki' which is energy. This means life energy. Reiki is a healing practice from Japan. I already make reiki, healing jewelry, made of gemstones, so, this is a natural progression, the energy work.

 Reiki as well as the stones are for healing the energy fields, known as chakras, of your body. There are 9 chakras, symbolized by different colors, stones,  parts of the body being healed. The first is red. Garnet is used for 'grounding'. This means to keep your feet on the ground so are level-headed. Coral is used if you are too grounded, as it lets some creativity in. The part of your is along your knees. Just lay yourhands on your knees and accept the healing energy from God.

 Chakra 2 is orange. Carnelian, sandstone, amber are the stones used to bring energy into the body. The lower abdomen is the area being healed, dealing with the sex organs. Symbolizes life. Again you place your hands on your lower abdomen.

The third chakra is yellow. Citrin, tiger's eye, calcite are the stones used for healing the nervous system. The abdomen is the area for healing. Yellow chakra symbolizes the mind which is for wisdom but can also be full of terror. Reiki healing for the 4th chakra is green. Adventurine, jade and malakite are stones used for healing the heart. It also can help heal relationships.

 4th chakra is green. Adventurine and jade are used to heal the heart and to bring healing into relationships. Increases self esteem and love also.

Chakra 5 is blue. Lapis and turquoise are used to heal the throat. Also helps to control what say. The tongue can be a blessing and a curse. Reiki in this area helps you improve your communication with others.

The 6th chakra is indigo. Fluorite, soladite and rose quartz are meditation stones to help you gain spirituality. The area being healed is a little above between your eyes, known as the 'third eye'. Cupping hands over the eyes,sinuses and cheeks heals this area. This is good if have sinus problems too. Yes, once learn the reiki technique, you can practice the method on yourself, without paying a reiki master!

Chakra 7 is purple. Amethyst is used to help our crown of your head or your mind. Yes, it aids in emotional and mental disturbance.

Ying and yang are black and white or good and bad and onyx for strength and quartz for air clearing are used. Hematite also wards off negativity fom others and self.

Give this reiki treatment a go and let me know how it works for you! Also feel free to visit my shop on square and etsy. links are on this blog, to buy the reiki, balancing and chakra jewelry.

Click link to see a free demonstration of reiki so you can learn it an heal yourself too.


Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Using white vs. black hat methods for (SEO) Search Engine Optimization

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You may be asking yourself, 'what is SEO, or search engine optimization?' Well it is simply how one finds you and your business on line through a Google search. You need to add a few keywords. Example being, You are looking for chakra jewelry or jewelry worn to balance your chakras, energy fields of your body. You would enter very specific keywords to find this particular niche. You woud not look under jewelry as too broad a topic and many businesses would come up. Some keywords can use are reiki jewelry, balancing jewelry, healing jewelry. It is the goal of every peson or business to come up on top of Google. Manyy pay top dollar to achieve this. It doesn't have to cost you a lot though if you know what you are doing,have a pc, time to do this yourself.

Some tips can give you to increase your Google rank as it is called and Alexa rank is another are below. First design a nice web site with photos that is well written with no spelling or grammatical errors(can be free but a dot com is better so you own the site and domain name). It should include an introduction page with something about your business or yourself and what do,another page where you expand on that and state specifically the services you offer, next you can include a sample of your work, some checkable reviews from businesses,peope who have used your services,company and a contact link with email or phone number, depending on if you prefer to speak online and not be bothered with many calls or not. You also need an e-commerce site so one can buy your product or pay you for your services. This is linked to your bank account often with paypal, Square,etc. The transaction fee is about 3%. Through out your site you need to use keywords for SEO, search engine optimization.(seo,seo tips,search engine optimization,blogging)

Blogging about your business or self is another way to get your name out there and create 'buzz' online. Make sure to add posts regularly or articles about news with your company or if say you are an artist, what made today, show a picture. Also say where will be exhibiting or what event will be at next where one can buy your work. make sure you have an e-commerce site on your blog as well. Have a link back to the business or web site page as well. Remember this is not a friendly blog but ths is how you make more money for self and company. This is business. Treat it as such. Doesn't mean can't enjoy it but you need to be motivated and disciplined to succeed in this market place as the competition is fierce. Add keywords to blog posts(seo,seo tips,search engine optimization,blogging)

Once site and blog are completed you need to add them to search engines. There are sites can add them to 20 search engines at once for free. Free is the word here as you need to do as much as possible for as little as possible so make a profit and don't end up in the red. Have interesting content that people want to read that is helpful to them and you will get traffic.Go to forums,blogs and post on them with a comment about what they are saying and a link to your site. Ask for backlinks(where they link back to you). Is best if they are in your field but not nearby so as to be competition. You can pay to have people write about you, your product and your company online at article writing places too. Post comments and pix about self, company also on facebook and twitter.(seo,seo tips,search engine optimization,blogging These are all white hat and natural ways to attract traffic or hits to your page  as opposed to black hat, unnatural way by paying companies,clickng on people's sites to click on yoursfor 3 seconds.

How to Save Money when Traveling

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Now that we are officially into Spring, the days are getting warmer and longer. People are beginning to think about the summer and vacations. Given the state of the economy and the fact that gasoline tends to go up in the summer months as many are traveling,one needs to be frugal. How to save money when traveling is the question. Well firstly if you belong to AARP, you can save money on motels,restaurants and park attractions. You can visit museums and get in by offering a donation like $2. eventhough suggested fee may be more, especially if elderly or disabled. Don't go to restarants too often if want to save. Instead buy cereal you can munch on in the car, jeep, van. Also bring a cooler. Stop at gas stations and buy dry ice. Next go to super market often and buy bread, lunch meat like ham,cheese,bologna,juice,milk,fruit,water,selzer and keep it cool in cooler. Can load cookies,crackers,chips in tote to keep bugs and mice away. Instead of staying in motels, you could sleep in the back of your van,jeep on sleeping bags,using your own pillows,throw comforters.,from home over selves at night. You could rest and freshen up at rest stops along highways. Bring a hibachi and charcoal with you as can often find camp sites that are cheaper than motels where can use shower,lavatory and cook. Veterans get cheaper rates. If need to do laundry, can stop at laundry mats along the way.

One can travel up north in the summer and down south in the winter this way. If live on west cost could go north to Washington in summer and south to California or Texas in the winter. Perhaps want to go to Canada or even Europe cheaply. Once have saved for airfare with discount frm AARP or if a senior show medicare card to get senior discount, one can travel the rail across Europe on the cheap. Also can stay at elder,youth hostels for $20 a night. Even have them in NYC! Just remember, the point of going on vacation is to do alot of sight seeing and be away from home and the usual ho hum existence, not to spend money at expensive hotels,eating out. Roughing it is How to Save Money When Traveling. You'll be glad you did when you get home as will have created some fond memories can look back on and won't be in debt.

Dating Self into a Pychotic Disorder

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Well firstly , let me tell you i haven't dated in 8 years and am celibate that long too athough am satisfied if know what mean. I keep to and entertain self,buy my own candy an flowers. Is nice to have the right man but really don'teed one. Societyconditions ubetter with someone.The last one was with mostly came for the s#x. Last time saw him he showed up at my door because alleged relatives shared house with wanted him out. Let him stay weekend before showed him the door. Past relationships were in were mosty with working strangers who were emotionally unavailable. I learned sadly to be also. They would try to make me into someone wasn't as couildn't accept was shy,nervous,moody and was in and out of work as uncomfortable there. Like many men they wanted a beautiful,confident,successful,fun,funny,smart woman. Well was attractive and smart and could be funny and fun but self conscious. Always surprised me that men who weren't paying my bills, cared if wasn't working steadily. Why wasn't it enough to be with and like them? Not being liked for self is like dating yourself into Psychotic disorder.

I temped for awhile working in offices doing clerical,reception work,did cashier work at supermarkets,retail stores. Was bored silly. I gave up on relationships as when ended made me very sad where as they landed on their feet as i felt more than they did. Eventually dated casually but was unfulfilling and lowered my self esteem. Thought this way would have connection even if just physically without the disappointment and hurt of rejection. This behavior and acting is Dating your self into Psychotic disorder. Eventually became an entrepreneur in '96,opened a pet service. did that four years,lobbied in capital of NY for a year, did artistic modeling,painted,made jewelry,sold it at fairs,fests,etc,taught art class,jewelry design. Lately writing articles online and have a male friend who has been in life 17 years. We used to date but didn't work out. He has some issues as do I but we support each other emotionally and are honest as can be without the B.S. that often goes with dating as each is impressing the other at first.

Later realize person are with isn't who thought was as all of us come with baggage and are imperfect. The trick is beng able to love each other in spite of and perhaps because of it. That's what makes us unique. Sadly, this culture,squelches our personalities and we become human doings rather than human beings and lose our humanity with one another and instead function on a very superficial instead of spontaneous level. Often we hide our true selves for fear we won't be liked for who really are so instead are but reflections of what others want us to be. All this lying and hiding and wearing of masks can make, cause dating your self into a psychotic disorder if let it. My best advice would be to work on being secure in yourself before take on a man. They don't think like us remember. Having a few woman friends can talk to that 'get you' is best as the man you're with may not. Sorry

Where is a Good Place to Find an Investment Property?

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Where is the best place to buy an investment property? Well if you ever watch HG tv and shows like'Flip,Flop' or Bravo tv's 'Flipping it', they would tell you to buy a fixer upper at an auction in a good neighborhood and then flip it(sell it) for a profit. You need start up capital to buy and rehab first home and then after sell and make profit,use it to buy next. Places to consider are vibrant communities with young couples starting a family,yuppies,businesses near,stores on the main street with cafes and restaurants. That is a geneal observation. More specifically, areas in Orange county Caliornia might be a possibility as prices for property are generally high. if you get one for $500,00 and put $100,000 in it to rehab it and sell it for 1 mllion you could still make a profit even if have contractor to pay or a partner. In another show on HGTV, a blonde female is seen buying cheaply 100 year old homes and 'restoring properties to their former glory' with sledge hammer in hand knocking down walls in Michigan and Minnesota areas. Then she sells them.

Building I'm in just sold and new landlord will be living upstairs and collecting rent from 3 tenants below to pay off his mortgage. Just make sure you prescreen your tenants so you don't invite trouble. People who can pay the rent,are quiet,grateful to have a home are best. You need to do your part too though and make necessary repairs.This is in capital region of NY outside of Albany so cheaper than Albany. This is another thing to consider,buying place,rehabbing it and lliving in it with tenants when asking self 'where is the best place to buy an investment property?' Now one could go to a nice place to live like Asheville NC or Portland MN and buy house an old person used to live in that is run down. You have to gut it but still even after the rehab it will be worth it as neiighboring homes sell for alot.

Moving forward, where is the best place to buy an investment property? Outside of Boston are nice areas with large beautiful homes. Could rehab one of those. Arlington,Craig come to mind. Great Barrington,S. Deerfield,MA is are nice areas to consider. Brattleboro Vt,Lee,Lenox,MA. is nice too.Safe,friendly,good school districts,fun places to live are considerations near a city with lots to do and see but yet still has feel of suburbs with woods,mountains,water near parks.
When asking,'where is the best place to buy an investment property?' you may be looking for places to buy a building that has tenants above and store front can rent out below too or you would work at the store and sell your product,services .

All the places listed above are great as people have good jobs,are educated,well to do and have disposable income as opposed to low income areas with high crime and people can't afford to buy anywhere but Walmart. Also would be horrible places to buy a property due to arson,fires,gangs,tenants may have to evict for nonpayment of rent,etc. All headaches don't need as need the process to be as smooth and painless as possilbe no matter which way you go. Need money for all this too and a good job at first making steady income before this takes off,to support this venture. Do your research before you leap as you may think flipping is great but it is a risk like anything as is buying a property. Make sure your neighbors are pleasant and keep to selves as don't want to move some place where have to stay and have problems.


Entrepreneur Business Ideas

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I've been an entepreneur since 1996. Some ''entrepreneur business ideas' include what did from '96-2000. I ran a pet service that mostly included pet sitting,basic grooming,light boarding. I served upper and lower Westchester county, NYC, including Manhattan,part of Brooklyn in NY and southern CT. Watching the pets was fun but dealing with some of the owners wasn't. I can remember one went away and then called me to sit for dog. She also blamed me for her cat getting out when door was slightly open with a latch when got there. Another one paid me half of what owed me. Also said I made dog sick when was sick when owner went away. Another way made money was modeling. Also did and still do occasionally as make and sell jewelry made of gem stones. It has healing properties as is considered chakra jewelry. I have sold to gift shops in 7 counties of NY and have been in fests,fairs too. I sold some of my art too as am an artist. A nursing home bought some of my cards. A patron of a library attended bought a painting. I taught painting and jewelry design at local libraries. Have been in art shows where left cards with website address on them. Donated one of my prints to charity. Have done that with jewelry also to support school flea market was held at.

This leads to more 'entrepreneur business ideas'. I sell what don't want at flea markets. Only do ones for about $20. as have some disabilities and live on fixed income. Also held yard sales. I knew someone where lived a couple of years ago who attended auctions so he could purchase things for his shop which was cheaper if bought them whole sale in bulk. I attended some auctions with him and helped him load truck. Got some money for it. Also went to yard sales with him and occasionally bought something that can resell at fest coming in midmay. Just last week sold four pairs of earrings to a woman who helps people navigate health care systm. Haven't heard from her since. Think am doing ok on own.

Currently writing articles for money online. Also I have a friend staying with me who will take the back bed room with access to kitchen and bath(but needs to eat and stay in his room as I work from home) and enjoy quiet,being alone so not distracted. Also want place kept tidy and clean.Told him he can't hang around place but neds to go out daily(not all day) eventhough retired and do something with self as he can be needy. He will help me pay rent. I told him the house rules too. This arrangement can work if know and get along with person. Can also rent a room in home with a bath,refrigerator and microwave with own entrance or in basement so each häve own privacy and lock door to rest of place for your protection.

Healthy Snacks

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So you want to lose weight or maybe you want to keep it off without starving yourself(which doesn't make you lose weight by the way as body comes to it's defense to protect itself) and feeling deprived and hungry all the time. Well besides exercise and a balanced diet of the different food groups, having healthy snacks on hand when sugar level drops in between three meals a day is a good idea. Drinking plenty of water and making your own juices daily in a blender rather than drinking sanitized juice from super market. Is also a natural,cheap way to detoxify your body. It fights cravings as literally changes your taste buds so don't crave sugar,chocoate or salt. Juices can contain a mix of veggies and fruit like kale,carrots,apples,melon,oranges and grapefruit. When you drink them you immediately feel better and happier as are swallowing alot of vitamin C!
Some other options that come to mind of healthy snacks are: a piece of fruit like an apple,orange(has vitamin C. Great to fight depression) or a peach,yogurt in a variety of flavors like real blueberries (great to keep brain healthy), strawberry(rich in antioxidants) Yogurt also contains acidophilus which prevents yeast infections. A banana is another option rich in potassium which is good for your heart. Other healthy snacks include cheese(don't over load on it as can make you constipated) and crackers. Raisins is another. Graham, ginger snap and animal cookies are low in fat, calories. Trail mix and granola are other healthy snacks. So is popcorn.

Some Indian healthy snacks also called chaat, are: banana chips, Karaboondhi, Vadai, Pakoda, Kozhukattai, Murukku. These and other Indian healthy snacks are rich in beans, flour and rice.
Stay clear of potato chips, which are full of salt and cooking oil and Doritos which has monosoium glutomate which can cause hives if allergic. Don't eat candy bars to fill the belly if on the run either as sugar is bad for teeth. Stick to healthy snacks like ones listed above to stay fit and healthy. Remember your body is a finely tuned machine. If you want it to do what you want it to do, you must feed it healthy snacks and food.

After 8 pm is when most people snack. This is the worst time as then you go to bed say around 10 pm and it just sits there in your gut. If you must snack as are nervous or need to satisfy your oral fixation, then go with one of these healthy snacks mentioned but don't over indulge. Many people are emotional eaters who aren't eating just because they're hungry. They eat often all day whether happy,sad,nervous,bored,etc. One really needs to look at what are doing. A food journal is a great way to track your thoughts,feelings and behavior so can get some control over self and life. Just like if you like to shop, the best place to go and do the least damage is a dollar store, eating healthy snacks is a great way to control the hunger and the cravings. Here's to your health!

How to Access the Risk factors in Deciding Whether a Parent is Still Able to live Alone

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How to access the risk factors in deciding whether a parent is still able to live alone involves several criteria. If you are like many of us, you don't live down the road from your parent. Much of what you hear that is going on or not going on in your parent's life then is based on their interpretation of things which may or may not be true. Some are prone to exageration or intentionally try to make their children feel guilty so they will drop everything, including their own lives and come running. In some cases this could mean driving six hours or jumping on a plane. This is particularly hard if you work full time or have a family depending on you. So what does one do? First you need to keep things in perspective and be level-headed about how you deal with it all as this is just the beginning of what can be a long bumpy ride. Contrary to what some may think in that their parent(s) are just being difficult, this is all perfectly normal and part of the aging process. It is also about the parent-child relationship as it shifts as our parent (s) get past a certain age, say 65. Then they become more frail,begin to have health problems and we need to pick up the slack and help them, instead of being selfish and them helping us. If we are honest with ourselves, it's about time. When parents retire, many end up being baby sitters for their daughters with no pay. It becomes expected of them. It is fine for awhile but then they need a break.

With my own mother, she chose to work until 76 as she wanted to be productive and she felt she needed the extra money. Actually she could have gone into senior housing back then at 62 and paid a fraction of what she was paying in rent(30% of income). She delayed it as those places tend to be gossipy. We eventually convinced her and my sister had her moved in after I found the place, after putting in applications at many places. It was well maintained too. Then we got her an aide to assist her. There were some 'doozies' along the way but she eventually clicked with someone and had her for 10 years until the woman passed on. My mom would go to a senior center a couple of times a week and doctor appointments. Aide would do laundry, food shopping with her and clean, chit chat and occasionally take bus and go clothes shopping until got to be too much for my mom. I advise an agency hired to assist your parent with a 24 beeper worn on parent's neck, working with phone in case parent falls so ambulance can take her/him to emergency room at hospital. Agency is paid by insurance company. They have a visiting nurse come by and take vitals, give out medication, offer physical therapy,etc. The goal here is to alleviate their stress and loneliness they often feel at this stage of their lives.

When I started getting the calls from upstate NY from my mom in lower Westchester at 2 AM that she fell as was feeling light headed and was at the ER, I was shocked at first. After the 4th trip there in a month, the agency told me she was no longer able to be alone and they could no longer care for her as she needed more care. She had previously been in the nursing home near her apartment building as became depressed. She came home briefly and I went back home after staying at her place and visiting daily. She ended up in the hospital afer having seizures,something never had before and afer was placed in the nursing home wing. She was exhibiting signs of dementia. She was scared of the people caring for her. I had her transferred to another home. The doctor was excellent and put her on an anti-seizure drug(keperin) and seizures stopped. He also recommended she be kept in quiet area. I visited and found her sitting in her own business. It was obvious it had been for some time. Later a catheter was inserted. They put them(patients) in wheel chairs in the tv room where one channel ran all day. Needless to say I pulled her out of there and had her transferred to the nursing home upstate where I could visit her weekly and call the staff to check on her. She had a nice roommate,attended art classes,a therapist, group therapy(to adjust to being in a home). She had a dedicated aide, the nurses were pleasant and so was her doctor. My mom was a big woman and incontinent. She manipulated me into bringing her home but after a few days I returned her as I couldn't care for her. It was too much. I started seeing a therapist to cope.

After a year upstate, she developed a huge ulcer. She had to have blood transfusions, nearly died several times,got to the point couldn't eat as was nauseous. The ulcer hole had closed so the bleeding had stopped which as a good thing and I felt hope only to be told that she was dying and didn't have long as she couldn't keep anything down. I had wanted to try entroscopic surgery but my mom had had enough and hospice was called in. At this point it was all about keeping her comfortable to die and not prolonging her life and helping her. The doctor and nurses went away. It was hard for me to take as am a fighter and didn't want to give up on her. It was her wish and I had to respect it. During this tme we spoke often about the past, she kept seeing her therapist who helped her come to terms with her life that she had lead and the present, and now the stages of death. She said to me I remember "I didn't know it was this bad. I thought I had more time." It broke my heart as I loved my mom dearly for not what she did or didn't do for me as she made her mistakes as we all do, but because she was my mom! She passed soon after and I said good bye to her prior as didn't want to be there for that but hospice was so she was not alone. She was on morphine and was out of it anyway.

Looking back on it, it was a blessing to share that experience with my mom and be able to be there for her. She had been there listening to me complain about work,relationships,this and that like so many of us do,for years. She was a very selfless,religious person,quiet and kind. I had several masses said for her and a priest came from my church before she passed so she could be at peace. What we have to come to terms with when dealing wth our aging parents is saying we are sorry and them saying the same as we do our best. I wasn't such a great daughter as have my problems as many of us do. She was there for me though. I didn't listen and did what wanted. I remembered her birthday,Christmas,mother's day,valentine's day and visited her when could which wasn't enough but I arranged for her to be be cared for as best as I could so I could have my own life. Atleast I was there though as like many familes one is designated as the caretaker. When was younger there was alot of instability in the home and I feel like I could have been better taken care of. It is done now and one has to do the best with each day but it has effected me,my life and my relationships. I think that is why many children don't visit their parents in nursing homes and hospitals as they felt neglected like me or were abused as children. Regardless, it is closure we all need and am grateful and feel blessed truly for the experience as was able to share my story of what went through(not around) wih my aged parent with you. I hope it will be of help to you on this journey all of us have to go on.




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