Monday, June 27, 2016

Stigma of not disabled but people with disabilities

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The latter terminology is more empowering as not a label.

Schumer is proposing new bill against discrimination but integration instead. Good luck. Stigma is alive and well.

Boy bullied at school gets punished.

If  different in some way, doesn't stop when an adult. I am ignored, avoided, laughed and gossiped about in a bullying fashion as is many against one. Alone they say nothing. Many bullies were bullied and have mental illnesses themselves. i love me and walk with God. All they have is the Devil. Who should I fear?

'We do not wrestle with flesh and blood but the principalities of darkness'

The Devil is operating in them. I rather be with my dog than with any of them. They stick together as don't know a better way to  live and speak. That is how get attention and feel better about them selves by putting someone else down. Has been this way since came here a year and a half ago.

I write for money online, sell jewelry for private sale, am on ebay selling, am a vendor when is one even can get to and host provides me with chair and table. Also have sold gold and silver to jeweler and antique shops got from estate and yard sales. Am referred to as retarded,slow and nuts. Does that seem like the behavior of a nut?

I think the nut is someone who sits around and runs his or her mouth doing nothing with his life.
I live daily with chronic pain in back and knee and the repercussions of two car accidents where I had concussions. Now  live with several symptoms daily like short attention span,anger issues,anxiety,sadness,lack of motivation,poor organizational skills,trouble focusing and completing a task. Have to push self. I can't bend repeatedly or lift or am in extreme pain.

I have no reliable home care as used agency that sent me incompetent staff. Family and old friends have deserted me. I  have to let things go in my apartment and do them when able. Seldom do I go far except to doctor and therapy appointments(P/T,talk therapy,GP) I wonder how happy you'd be if this was your life?!




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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

How to cope with self in the world

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We can only create a healthier society by stopping the sick way many of us speak to one another. We are all equal and worthy and God's children. We deserve love and respect just because we are alive and not for what we do which often is never enough as we have been told as children that many things we did were wrong and perhaps even we were bad. Doesn't help when many in society are the same way because of what they came out of. All we can do is stick with supportive,uncritical,loving people and minimize contact with those we don't feel good around. We also need to change the tapes that run in our heads of negative statements some have said to us. Were the words true? If not,rewrite them and move on.

This was a quote from a past post . Felt note worthy of how have been feeling.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Harmony hills is not that harmonious

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This over-priced housing where the mills used to be on N. Mohawk st., is over-priced and ill-managed. many tenants I hear are unhappy. Complaints go unheard and they are blown off. Typical for people here who missed the class on how to treat people way like to be treated. The deluded ones here who are proud of their little city of horrors, thinks this place is great. i guess if you've lived in filth all your life, you can't smell the stench anymore.

For more on the unharmonious hills, click link below.

Oh, btw, if you don't like what write abut Cohoes and the many meanies and dummies who live here, skip my blog. If care to help me, look for a nice pace in Albany near Guilderland and I'll be gone in a flash. You will need to move me as well. You might try talking to and getting to know a person before bad mouth them. I have met many of you and you are nohing to write home about.

I keep my distance, just like you ignore me as I find you repulsive. 'people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones'..but..YOU throw BOULDERS!! hahhaha. oh yes i am sick and you are so well. you are in fact really really sick and vile. You hate your selves deep down when not hanging with people who say what want to hear. Yes you know what dirt bags you really are. you're ugliness emanates from every orifice.

Since came here, for the most part, never get any praise for art and jewelry, though it sells. How can people encourage others I guess who are so hateful and unhappy in own lives doing what hate if do anything at all.

Why People are mean to certain people...

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I keep to self, do own thing and mnd my business. Since came to Cohoes, a small city in upsate NY, have encountered down right hostility in my direction from complete strangers never had any dealings with. I have the pleasure of hearing daily how 'noone likes her', 'she's crazy i heard', 'retarded'.  I happen to have a high school degree and work from home.

I get paid to write articles online sell on Ebay, sell my jewelry privately, do the occasional vendng at local fairs and flea markets. These people sit o their ever expanding butts and run the gums daily spewing lies and gossip about someone they don't know.

Perhaps how I live is not main stream and they are jealous. i am not married, have no kids and work on own when like. They instead must live in the beds they made and hate it. Are miserable beings. I like and love me and I don't care for them or their ways. When they lauh at me, etal., show how dumb they are.

I walk with my head held hie and do daily, enjoying my life. I find it a blessing these people are not in my life. I am a loner and prefer my dog's and my own company to anyone else's. Below is a link that helps explain why people you don't know and never did anything to may act mean to you.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Housing Discrimination Against People with Disabilities...

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I have been looking to no avail for housing. Generally the ads say that they want a working person. Does that mean seniors and people with disabilities are confined to housing through HUD that will accomodate them? I have several disabilities and have a service animal, dog. Manager said on last apt. called about, that he had to ask the landlord about the dog.

This is totally illegal.I do work part time per diem doing a variety of jobs when work is available. Sold a couple of pieces of my new sterling silver, never worn, jewelry for less than retail, today. Made $33, after debiting what spent for it. I also wrote an article, I hope to sell for an online service.  Will be at Tug boat Alley in Waterford in September.

I want to leave Cohoes as I find that downtown there is many stupid, uneducated, backward, ignorant, mean, angry, dysfunctional people. They like to take their misery out on others. I have had 13 people on a continual basis here make comments about me as walk down the street. I know I have problems but I have seeked therapy and attend support groups as I walk with God.

They are heathens who depend on selves. The are far from perfect and don't see how ridiculous and childish they appear as sit on their fat asses running their mouths, picking on people who are walking alone. I keep to self by choice as saw the way they act and want nothing to do with them. I encountered this stupidity when was a vendor at farmer's market here all summer too.

Every Friday when attended, same people talked crap about me. One was a woman in her sixties selling towels and things from foreign countries with her cronies. Event was a supposed to be handmade by crafters and artists. Since she and others, polluted the event, I sold whatever too along with my handmade jewelry and art prints.

There is plenty of abundance in the world and opportunity. There is no excuse to act this way and be jealous of another's success. I always sold there making between $50-100/week. I don't go to events here anymore as want nothing to do with them. I attend classier shows with nicer people.

Anyway..when look for housing, they don't take programs,including section 8 also which have. Only places that take it are in awful areas.  The nicer apartments want  $800 for a one bed room which is higher than can go with section 8. Says can look up to $700. So here I continue to live, hearing how my neighbors have to live near a 'lunatic' and the like.

It is unsettling. I feel like saying something but am outnumbered and best to just keep walking as do, doing what have to daily. Can't do anything unless put hands on me. So I wait and pray can get something soon.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

More on Bullies...

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Bullies in Cohoes,NY schools and internet. Can see link below. Is sad but these kids learn close to the tree as many of their parents operate the same way to deflect attention to themselves. It doesn't stop n school. Plenty of adult bullying here. As said Cohoes is not a nice place to live. 

Also goes on in senior housing, assisted living facilities and nursing homes.

Christina Grimmie from the Voice, dead at 22

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Se was shot and killed after an auto graph signing, after a concert she gave in Orlando Florida last night. She was shot several times and succumbed to her injuries. How sad, is all I can say. She was very talented. Chris sang and played piano. She hit the high notes and held them. She was a beautiful young lady.

She was a spokeswoman for the show in the wardrobe dept. as helped dress each contestant. Last season she had competed and got third place. God Bless Chris. You will be missed. Here's a video of her singing a Drake song, 'I'm coming Home'. Peace.

Monday, June 06, 2016

Tips on Coping with a mild TBI

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As have shared in past, I live with the after effects of a head injury from a car accident several years ago. With it, has come emotional challenges as well.  I have at times feelings of fear being out with this. Also get frustrated when making decisions. Feel sad as there are limitations on how much can do in a day, how quickly do them and so on. Also get stressed as live with service dog and cope with this mostly on own.

I found an article on a web site on daily coping tips for persons living with this as well for care givers who care for us so understand us better. Here's the link  I just want to say to those of you out there, I find doing something daily helpful. Ex. am off to see my therapist today speak to her about how am doing.

 Many people are dealing with concussions and it is in the news now, especially with returning service men coming back with brain injuries and the movie 'Concussion' bringing to light sports injuries. Anything that can help people get better and accept their condition and have some sort of a life is good.

One is not as was. I just make lemonade from lemons given. Take care.

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

More on gossip....

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Here's an article found online. I found it encouraging as learned recently gossiping so one can hear it as they want you t here it to be hurtful, is a form of bullying. It is also hate speech. Reflects poorly on gossiper as shows how insecure they are, seeking attention, can only hold a conversation about limited topic. Need to ask again, why directed at one person?

They are living rent-free in your head to point is an obsession. Often person you dislike has no idea you feel this way or has no clue why. Never did anything to them so all can do is keep truckin'.

Here's the link to read more.

Gossip and it's effect on our health

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Hi all! Trust you are well or are getting there. Was a loong winter for me. So many dreary days. Not as cold as been in past and not too much snow though. As usual, my SAD, seasonal affective disorder kicked in. Felt very down daily, especially in the mornings. Improved as did things. Was hard doing things like house work, food shopping, laundry.

Feels great when done. How it works. Did wash a couple of days ago. Put it away today. Now have fresh-smelling clean clothes! When down, our memory gets fuzzy and we forget it's really that simple. What makes it harder is that those around us don't understand our behavior so we become isolated and sick of explaining ourselves. For example, I am often referred to as 'crazy' by haters here who sit on buts, doing nothing, are negative, miserable and feel better about selves by putting someone else down.

Why do they do it? Stems from envy. Something about other's life they envy.  I just walk with God and my service dog, Brandy, letting them go. I have no control over them. Only can control myself. I ignore, avoid, don't talk to and basically don't get involved in their pathology. I act and not react. Not worth my time. Often have thought of telling them off.

Best not to interact as puts me on their level. Have to consider the source. One looks anorexic or has a drug problem, another always seems angry and has a big beer gut so has a drinking problem. Always amuses me the people who should not talk on others as so troubled themselves, have the mt to say. They like to share their misery. They catch the ears of others who are the same.

I try to be positive and keep busy and spirits up. This is nothing care to be involved in.  in response walk around with head hones and sun glasses, hahhaha. I tried getting out of here but rents to high in places liked. If can't change my situation, need to change my attitude. I daily let them go to God. I work EA, emotions anonomys.

First step says to let go of people and emotions and to admit life is unmanageable. Next step Came to believe god could restore me to sanity. 3. Turned my life over to God. What this means is abiding my will with God's and living responsibly daily and taking care of what needs doing. Mind my business, live and let live, one day at a time are some slogans follow.

Peace out all.




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