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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Been watching 'Breaking Bad' marathon all weekend..

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What a great show! Truly addicting. Great script,acting. Finale tonight, during my 'NJ Housewives'. Will be channel flipping. Cast,creator interview here. The filmed a scene in my old town was living in in Cairo,NY. of new movie Brian Cranston from Breaking Bad, is in with Ben Affleck. cool,huh? Argo. Another marathon today of 'breaking bad' end of december.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Arrested Thursday for...

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for alleged  grand larceny. I am not guilty first off. Is a matter of a mistake and accident. Here's what happened. I had ordered and purchased eye glasses for then friend Tony Fallon in Cairo who owns hardware store and djs for WGXC radio station,handson radio through, a vendor on Amazon,with my Amazon account and used my email address but his credit info. (after he tried to buy glasses himself from Pearle vision and was told would cost him $360 so he said forget it! I tried to be nice and help a friend but should remember no good deed goes unpunished. ingrate.)I forgot to delete his info.,an honest mistake,slight,not intentional or malicious,after and he was billed for anything I bought from then on unbeknownst to me as forgot to delete it and it didn't ask for my credit info again so just clicked through to place and ship order. Even read emails quickly to see when shipped but not that visa his card not mine paid for it! ugh. what a mess is all can say.
. Now are you getting the picture? No one notified me of my error and he didn't as guess was angry,confused and it was uncomfortable for him to talk to me about it. Instead he tells an aquaintence of mine, Mohammed, who owns the Getty station in Cairo,NY when he was gettting gas,who then tells me,very immature and sneaky,back then last year in the summer that I stole his credit card. I denied it and contacted the police then about it that I was being accused of this and got no call back. I am willing to pay back the $400 accidentally charged to his account to his bank as he was credited already am sure as is credit card protection. Can give 200 next month and 200 the following month and hope to settle out of court before have to appear there in late July. Funny how I figured wht happened in one day but it has taken the police a year to let me know about it. Crazy! I am no criminal,no previous record. Give me a break!Also shame on you Tony. We were friends. Is this how you treat a friend? Think the worst. Guilty til proven innocent. Feel how am being treated by police as they say to me you did it all points to you. Yeh I bought the stuff on his card but thought I paid for it Ok!? an innocent mistake. I am guilty of being careless and not keeping better track of my finances if anything,not criminal behavior. Always thought if lived honestly and didn't do anything wrong,justice would prevail but the jails are full of innocent people so am fearful may be my fate as well!Keep me in your prayers please all! thanks.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Latest Cairo,NY news....Police chief arrested for..

No spam. Thanks! Thanks Chris. Just what this little messed up town needed. Isn't it bad enough that it is known as a drug town with it's junkies and dealers?! Also is the armpit ogf Greene county with it's high unemployment,lack of job opportunities,uneducated citizens just lounging in front of the tv on the government dole all day. How disgraceful. Tons of slumlords too as have reported. This used to be a nice area where tourists used to vacation in the day if you can even imagine it. You can't now as businesses don't even want to open their doors here as noone buys anything from them except drugs,cigarettes,liquor. Now if you wanted to open a pot stand and sell your plants in your yard,this would be the town for you! If you are looking to come some place to eat or vacation,skip Cairo is all can say. Even with new library,they took out a million dollar loan for with money didn't have and the new expensive hannaford coming,sorry but true. SOO glad to be gone from here as yeh used to exist here.

Craigslist post..

No spam. Thanks! Most likely will be deleted but have link here Has got my goat again as see my exlandlored akama bergen is trying to rent her property and even sell it again and it is a dump. Her mo is is to fix it rent it and then once in does nothing.Know as lived there. avoid it is all can say. Would say stay clear of Cairo in general for the same reason if renting as many slumlords here. As per post... Reply [?] flag [?] : miscategorized prohibited spam best of Posted: 2013-03-24, 4:17AM EDT $500 / 500ft² - affordable,decent housing desired! (Cairo,NY) Slumlords galore here in good ol' Cairo. town does nothing to stop them. know as usedto live here. If poor,need housing that is cheap and there's the rub and doesn't exist. All find is rundown dumps as area was touristy and is no more and alot of these places abound and area is poor as little work so people aRE DESPERATE AND TAKE THEM. TOWN LOOKS Other way as in officials as think not their problem but is as depreciartes property values. even with new library and hannaford being built is still full of welfare and people don't buy so doesn't attract new business. knoqw as have one and hard to sell bread here. other slumlords here or just plain illegal ones are:perry holst and his unweatherized properties by the park,morgan krause and his eyesores on grove st.,john cassaluchi on route 84 by oneill's a dump,eva's farm,new owners still a dump,lake elissa,a dump and she makes a side business keeping your security deposits. Others don't rent to pet owners, even disabled ones with service dogs like claudia zucker and living structures and beth from there too a realtor who owns a property on grove st.. know as denied. another place on main the same thing. ugh.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cairo,s Parade of Lights was fun..

While I appreciate your comments to my posts, I would ask firstly that they pertain to topic and are not spam in nature. Thanks! Local businesses dressed their vehicles up and piut lights on them and prded them down Cairo,s Main St. to the applause and shouts of the local towns people. Refreshments were served at the Cairo Library,s lobby and Santa was there in the community room to take pix with the kiddies and listen to their requests for gifts. 4H supplied the treats and so they made some money off the deal for their program which was good too. I enjoyed the fudge.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Come to my meditation Class...

While I appreciate your comments to my posts, I would ask firstly that they pertain to topic and are not spam in nature. Thanks!

and meet me at town hall in Cairo,NY. Runs fro 6 PM-8PM. Suggested donation is $5.00 I have more info on my web site Artzstuf so just click on link above. Hoe to see you there!

Also don't forget to come to our holiday stroll 11/26 also in Cairo on main street. I will be at Gallagher's as a crafter/artist selling my jewelry,art. Runs from 3:30-7 PM. free admission,refreshments,vendors,parade,tree lighting to welcome in the holiday season.

Have a Happy,safe Thanksgiving all!

Got some food from food pantry today for Thanksgiving and...

While I appreciate your comments to my posts, I would ask firstly that they pertain to topic and are not spam in nature. Thanks!

also got a couple of coupons from them so could get milk and a roasted chicken from the super market. It looked like was having nothing til some lady on bus told me food pantry giving out food. Cat food running low and just bought it. Will call first and get some Tuesday from them hopefully.

I also spoke to pastor and volunteers about my situation,how make jewelry,art and can't get around to sell it,how broke am,how alone am here as noone to do things with,just now people as acquaintences,not really friends. They suggested come to Bible study and could get a ride home after. Seemed sincere. Said they struggle too but together and it helps. I will give it a shot Wednesday eve.

Denise from church comes by once in a while with a donation like dropped some rubber back curtains she had as place live in is unweatherized. Have reached the point like being alone,especially at night as most people am around, I find annoying in some way within a short period of time.

Had wanted to have mom come to home for Thanksgiving not Thanksgiving day,hang out with cats,have a nice relaxing meal,watch a movie,listen to music..but have meditation class Monday night so can't do it as she can't be alone. I guess can just visit Tuesday with a bottle of grape juice in a bottle that looks like wine,something. I can also make a nice meal,freeze some of it like make a nice chicken salad and bring it next Monday with some home made mashed potatoes(will freeze them). They are having a nice meal at the nursing home she is at so she will have a nice holiday. Also having a tree trimming party 12/1/11 but I can't make that either as is late in day and have to catch b us. Will pay for her ornament to place on tree atleast as it supports their recreation programs. Mom enjoys the activities which is good as her roomie stays in the room and some stay in bed. I had my mom outside on grounds alot this past summer when visited and sometimes she was out front on own in wheel chair.

Am glad she's in a safe place and the staff is ok with her,not great as some idiots there. They say hi to her roomie and ignore my mom when enter room. I will mention this to main nurse. I sometimes am at a loss as to what to do as don't want to make things worse for her or rock the boat.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Flea Market was a Bust,Thanks for nothing Carol and Chamber of Commerce of Cairo,NY

While I appreciate your comments to my posts, I would ask firstly that they pertain to topic and are not spam in nature. Thanks!.

Attended flea market in Cairo, NY for the first and last time apparently this season. Carol from Chamber of Commerce here asked for $20 from me to sell at school lawn,when last year she said if there was space I didn't have to pay if space,as I said on disability. There was plenty of space as not many buy here so less vendors come. She said 'You pulled the same thing last year and don't come back next week'. I said she said could last year to which she said she didn't. I then said 'fine., not like make anything here anyway'. Maybe I'm crazy but isn't it the Chamber of Commerce's job to promote people,businesses and in my case artists who create jewelry and art here in the Hudson Valley so people can buy here to better the economy? Instead I was oppressed once again here and 'beaten down' and not encouraged,supported,praised for my work.(No one sells jewelry but me in Cairo) They charge a fee to join I can't pay. The 'youth fair' is $40 to sell there for one day. I only sold $ 40 last year and then fee had to be deducted from it so not worth my time. I sat in a hot tent for hours. Crazy! Then they wonder why many drink,drug,sell drugs in this town, when they don't support the poor to better selves creatively as am creative but infact look the other way,ignore them as if they will just go away, as not their problem when in fact is everyone's problem. Is a cold way to live not to care about your neighbor,especially when he or she has fallen beside you and yo can help in a small,simple way by giving a smile,a hello,not working against them but helping them get out of the pit of 'despair' they find selves in. At least I try and don't sit on butt watching soap operas feeding my face complaining about things and feeling sorry for myself.

I comfort self in knowing not all see things as I do so I can let anger and them go and move on. I work a 12 step program. I think everyone needs a program to 'deal' now a days with others so don't 'personalize' what do and say as is just them. Many are 'rude,crude and inconsiderate' now and just think of selves. The pathetic thing in this is that when you' think about self all the time,you don't think much of your self'. All they have is their bitterness as they are devoid of love and God. I pray i never get like this.

Today although had a straw hat on,bottled water and a portable fan,felt my body over heating due to the sun as was out in the open as was shady in morning when got there but then wasn't. I left as felt ill. Unlike many other vendors there, I had no awning and large table. Mine is home as can't carry it myself so walked there pushing a cart with chair,small table and product selling in a knapsack on my back. Do what have to do. everyone's situation is different.Can clearly see my situation is different than the rest there. She says 'others pay so can't just let me not or others won't want to either'.She seems miserable,angry and wants to make others feel the same. I will pray for her and the others in this town like her who don't have any sense of decency or 'heart'. They do nothing for you but work against you and talk about you within eAR SHOT. tHE MEN ARE LIKE 'WASH WOMEN' AND THE WOMEN BEHAVE LIKE 'OVERGROWN CATTY BRATS'. 'Some times your the wind shield sometimes your the bug' i don't have to do anything to her. God will take care of her. She doesn't know how 'lost' she is as it is by 'giving' and being 'kind' to those in need that you get blessed. 'You can't take it with you'. people wonder why they are depressed. It is how they live that makes them so.

My pets are 'my family',other than mom in home and I do my best for them and love them very much. When I ask for some help from those in community I live in,from people in better situations,working with friends,family and a car I get a slap in the face. No one does anything with me either as they are 'too good' to be my friend. All I can say is their loss.

Cairo is like many small towns in upstate NY. People came to and live here to be left alone and ran away from crime,pace and overpopulation of city. Sadly anything or anyone in a vacuum doesn't grow as humans were not made to be 'islands'. The 'townies' are ignorant,hostile,ultraconservative,narrow-minded and unfriendly. I say screw em. I walk with head phones on,do for self and amuse myself and do business else where. If you have a business,are looking for a nice community to live in, or looking to vacation in the 'Catskills' and shop,have lunch and chat some place with 'nice' people,,I'd say don't stop here.Why? The devil lurks here. He has many in bondage to sin and addiction. He is dancing leaping for joy in the streets of Cairo who has given up on itself and it's people within,especially those who make them look at themselves. They are deluded into thinking they are'good' and 'better than' the trashy people on welfare as they put it when they are worse as should know better than to act this way. 'If any man has strength let other light their candles to it'.

Isn't it ironic that Cairo got it's name from Cairo,Egypt, a city that enslaved many Jews. Cairo,NY is a reflection of this. Many of it's people are shackled in chains. Some are free but they are secret Christians too afraid to share their faith with others. God made this world,Jesus was born of Mary and died for us so we could be saved. He was the son of God and rose again. The Holy Spirit lives in each Christian so whom shall we fear?! No man or woman. 'greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world'. Today is a modern day version of Sodom and Gomora. People are doing what want and what feels good,ignoring the Bible and paying the ultimate price as they are growing further and further from God and his plan for them and following Satan instead. They might not be devil worshipers but a leapord has many spots and the devil can assume many forms in the prettiest and handsomest of faces and sweetest of voices saying what you want to hear. By reading the Bible,keeping in the word,applying it to your life,sharing it with others by attraction not promotion as Jesus did(if people didn't want it He moved on),you are obeying God. I am 'in the world but not of it'. Is why am not popular as am sharing something people don't want as they don't want to do what's best for them in the long run but rather pursue their selfish,carnal natures.


Saturday, February 06, 2010

Super is Installing My Hot Water Heater as I Speak..

While I appreciate your comments to my posts, I would ask firstly that they pertain to topic and are not spam in nature. Thanks!

finally..Yes I am getting a smaller,brand new heater. Should be more cost efficient as well. Yesterday was pretty ugly as landlord came over demanding the rent but I told him he would not get it until he did repairs and only then would he get it minus deductions from days we went inconvenienced. This angered him causing me to call authorities on him. Don't think we will be seein him again at my door anytime soon,lol..Interim the rent money is safely tucked away in the bank and the note to the landlord from the bank is taped to my door,. He removed the last one I had for him stating that I would be deducting for days went without and he should have received the letter from the courts stating he has a court date with me regarding a rent reduction due to place being below the accessed value due to repairs not being made in a timely manner. I think in this case and all cases it is significant to establish a paper trail and to contact the proper authorities like the sheriff,town officials,code enforcement,social services and so forth to show good faith in that I tried to get things fixed and was willing to pay rent after so I don't appear in the wrong and a deadbeat tenant. This will all help my case, :).

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Still no hot Water so am going to sue landlord for rent reduction in Small Claims..

While I appreciate your comments to my posts, I would ask firstly that they pertain to topic and are not spam in nature. Thanks!

court. Super came by today to measure hot water heater and said we would maybe have a new one Thursday, while I was pouring hot water I heated on the stove over the dishes in the sink. I am totally disgusted and sickened literally by this situation. I think it is inexcusable to expent rent when one doesn't supply the bare essentials of habitability to their tenants. what do you think? I have been looking but it is hard to find anything affordable and adequate.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

No hot water at my home now for 4 days..

with no relief in sight. Broken hot water heater and the landlord and super know about it and don't seem to care..landlord is jOhn Cass on County Route 85 in Cairo,a slum lord..Was told by super first that he would price a new one and now he says he will vacuum the old one and see how it goes..but to be patient as he is moving. I said I can be patient but it seems that the landlord appears the firs to the month for the whole rent regardless of the fac that the place is up to par or not which is not fair. Front door is damaged and you have to slam it har t o shut it and the heat goes out the sides and drafty. Frig. door is equally damaged and again you need to slam it whiile the cold air goes out the bottom..The oven doesn't work and we wnet a week with no heat,hot water or cooking fuel when the pipes froze and the furnace broke too..We have no screens in the windows nor storm windows and so on...need I really say more!? Seems to be a common trend with the slumlords in beautiful down town Cairo,Ny and the building dept. does nothing.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

I am officially out of my last home as of today...

I am glad to be gone. The sheriff department came out Monday to make sure I took whatever was left in the cottage out. He said if I didn't remove my damaged property from the front lawn, that I would be arrested. How nuts! Can they do that? I don't know. I need to consult with my attorney that has been helping me with my case from Legal Aid. Who should be arrested is my previous landlord who rents a property taht is but a summer cabin, year-round. How is that right?! Anyway, I was kind enough to sweep through the place ane my friend cleane the oven and I wiped down and emptied the frig. but was he happy/ No! Perry Holst, the slumlord and landlord "you call that clean? you are such a fuckin slob!" He said this right in front of the sheriff who said nothing but warned me when I was obnoxious to the landlord as I dropped his keys on the ground in front of him instead of hand them to him as I wanted no contact or to show him any respect. Another slumlord alert link is here in Albany. Another one is on craiglist for middletown,NY. Another article on Slumlords can be found here, but in this case it is from the landlord,stating why he and his wife plan on becoming slumlords after being kind landlords who rented to people or tenants who in their opinion took advantage of them including one they couldn't even evict after 6 months of trying. I'd just like to say that this sounds odd and extreme as 3 months is the maximum time allowed to evict someone.
NYC slumlord info is here. Article called 'My brother the slumlord' is here which offers another interesting slant on this issue.
Lots of info on slumlords here on the Golden Cockroach page. ha..Another post on slumlords is on Slumlord Interactive.

For more on tenant rights and evictions, read here. More info here on proper procedure for eviction. New landlord told me to remove anything by the front door as I was moving it in. He said the town would fine him. Is common to have things outside the door when moving it in on my planet which is earth. It is all removed now though. Happy house hunting and renting all!

Friday, October 02, 2009

Hall of..Shame...

winter snow in park in Cairo, NY

Landlords who keep your security deposit are also low lifes...

I looked at a cottage at the 'Lake Elissa' camp grounds or rather it used to be a camp site..Now 'Lisha' rents the cottages out year round. She also asks for pet insurance,pet security of $ 200. and does a credit check..She also has Welfare clients in there so not sure how they are there as people on Welfare notoriously have bad credit! Wack! She kept our security deposit we put down on the place,claiming it wss nonrefundable because she could have rented it out but was holding it for us for 2 days. Two days made all the difference?! She couldn't have taken their names and addresses and phone numbers and called them back as soon as we said we weren't taking it? Our credit sucks as we are poor and disabled and also my dog is hard to insure because she is a pitbull. Lisha you suck! My friend Bill plans to sue her for the $ 100. in small claims court. he is a Vietname Vet. Shame on you Lisha. How low can you get? Very, obviously and you are hard up too! This behavior will bit e her in the proverbial butt as it is not the first time she has done this probably nor the last but hopefully justice will be served as i think many make a side business doeing jus this. my friend and i have lost out on atleast 3 security deposits in the past. Grrr..

Raise Mental Health Awareness Today (May=Mental Health Month)

Raise Mental Health Awareness Today (May=Mental Health Month)
Why are there no runs for Mental Health?!


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