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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

How to face one's own demise with a smile...

spam deleted. Thanks! This speech known as the 'last lecture' of his short life, is the most inspiring one I have ever heard. What do you think?!? Randy Pausch, professor, RIP. watch here. 'The brick walls are there to remind you how bad you want to make it'. Randy Pausch. They only block those who don't want it bad enough! Don't give upon your dreams as so many do.

Saturday, March 08, 2014


spam deleted. Thanks!

This morning while asleep or resting,lying down in my roll out couch/bed, I was visited by my deceased mom. I am not lying. This really happened. I asked how she was and she said good,asked where she was like at a nursing home and she said yes,if she met God and she said 'yes and I met a Queen too!' How weird is that? Queen Elizabeth the 1st maybe? I said I loved her and for her to visit again. She got up to go to the bath room and was gone. It was her voice and everything. What do you think? Was I dreaming? Did her 'spirit' really visit me? Was I just dreaming? They say if met a violent or traumatic death and felt things were left unfinished, that the spirit doesn't rest but haunts where used to live and such. She died a painful,awful death from stomach cancer. We never got to say good bye as she was doped up on morphine and Haldol at the end and though I was there she was out of it screaming. I don't even think she knew I was there,sadly. Maybe this was her way of saying good bye for closure. Who knows? New show starting Sunday called 'Resurrection' about dead people coming back to their loved ones after being dead many years. Lots of commercials on lately promoting this show based on the French play 'they returned'. Do you think I dreamed this because of the show and it played to my emotions and own personal experience? Well..let me know what you think and if anything like this ever happened to you. What happens when we die? Is that it? the end. there an after life, a next chapter to our stories? I personally think there is. Just as we can't explain God, we don't comprehend why we are here and what happens when we stop breathing on this earth. I think there is much we don't 'get' but all will be revealed when we die to this life.

How often do these spirit dreams happen? How usual is it? Read more here.

Excerpt from Anna Sayce's site...

Reasons for the dead to come back to us

Why is communicating with the dead so hit and miss? Why can mediums sometimes communicate with the dead and not other times? I have noticed that usually the dead have to have a strong motivation to come back to us AND actually make their presence felt, probably because it takes a great deal of energy and effort to communciate with us.
# 1: To give us peace, reassurance and comfort
Spirits who come back to remind the living of their presence do so often because they see the healing it brings. They remind us that there is not any imposed separation from those you love. The dead can be with us in spirit in a flash, when we think of them. Whether we perceive them is another matter. The Maoris – the native people of New Zealand – say that the spirits of the dead are on the shoulders of the living and we carry them with us wherever we go.
# 2: Because their path is still entwined with yours
Sometimes deceased relatives stay very attached to their living loved ones. This can be for a variety of reasons – sometimes because they want to see their loved ones succeed – like the deceased relative I encountered recently. (She was standing behind my client’s spirit guides and had a ‘cheerleader’ and supporter role.)
In another case, a spirit can stay attached because they feel a responsibility to watch over the actions of the living and warn them of certain things. This has happened before in one my sessions. A deceased spirit warned against doing something the client was considering, that would have had dire consequences. This spirit had been dead for many, many years and you would have thought he would have cut ties with the living, but he was obviously still quite attached to whether or not this person was doing the right thing, and he had vested interests also in the situation.
# 3: To say what went unsaid
If there’s something important that’s left unsaid, spirits can stay around to attempt to resolve it instead of moving on. The dead returning to communicate with us is also a reminder to check if there is anything left unsaid in your life. I have a stiff upper lip that I either inherited or picked up from my background, so the people around me rarely know just how much I respect, admire and love them because I am not good at getting it out. My encounters with the dead have taught me how important it is to say the words that can heal, reconcile or just communicate how much you care, because once you’re gone it’s harder to do. So, I know it’s a massive cliche, but make sure YOU communicate to those you love how much you love and appreciate them.
# 4: To resolve something that went undone
The spirits that are most motivated to hang around are perhaps those who left something unresolved or undone. In particular, I’m thinking of those who experienced some sort of injustice in their lifetime, like a murder which is still unresolved.
The dead can also remind us not to leave things undone for an extended time period. The biggest thing you can leave undone is pursuing your own dreams. Are you happy with how you spend your days now? Or do you live for tomorrow, planning, with your mind continually in the future, putting off life? The lesson that the dead bring to us is to live in the present moment and do what we want now, because as cliched as it sounds, there may not be as many tomorrows as we think.
# 5: When you’re reviving their memory
Sending the dead a lot of energy also brings them to you, in spirit. For example, my mother as a hobby digs up the past and reconstructs our family tree. She has uncovered interesting and scandalous stories of our family. In dreams, I have seen the bodies of long-deceased relatives turn in their graves and communicate to me that they are watching what she is doing with the family tree. So, sending our ancestors energy – studying their past and our ancestral roots can also call them to us.

Do you believe in Long Island Medium Theresa?  Below can watch Allison Dubois (real life medium) inspired tv series.

watch an old episode of Medium now FREE! click

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

We all have heard of the benefits of eating garlic..

No spamming as deleted. Thanks!  Here's to your health!

and fighting bacterial infection just like echinacea in say a tea from cone flower plant helps boost immune system and lessens depression. ANything can do naturally beats taking pills and the side effects from them. Have a good friend whose hands shake from psych meds take like stelazine.

Anyway,have linked increased doses of garlic to fighting tumors,shrinking them and fighting cancer. Read more here.

Oranges are good to boost mood,eaten and smelled,broccoli helps brain function,onions fight viruses,yogurt is good against yeast infections and in vagina helps the itching associated with..lemons are natural astringents. Apples help stomach against acids and heart burn,tomatoes are antioxidants along with blueberries..uh. Eating leafy veggies are good against depression,fish and oil good for joints and against cancer.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mom died this morning of stomach cancer...

While I appreciate your comments to my posts, I would ask firstly that they pertain to topic and are not spam in nature. Thanks!

Your prayers are welcomed and inclusion of her name mentioned in a mass. She suffered towards the end,couldn't eat,drink,swallow,was wasting away..sad. Was for the best that she left but I will miss her greatly as love her so. So used to talking,laughing with her.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Beware of Asbestos..

We are starting to se commercials for this form of cancer now, espcially after 9/11 as many rescue workers have taken ill from all the debris in the air. My mom's former aide hasit and has tumors on her body. she is having chemo treatments. She got it from living many years in an attic apartment. now there is foam insulation whihc is safer. Read more on Mesothelioma

Raise Mental Health Awareness Today (May=Mental Health Month)

Raise Mental Health Awareness Today (May=Mental Health Month)
Why are there no runs for Mental Health?!


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